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We're boosting 

medical research.

Citruslabs is on a mission to streamline patient 

recruitment and retention in order to change the 

future of medical research for the better.

Our Story

Every developed country struggles with an aging population. Yet, we still don’t have all the solutions to fight age-related diseases. Fewer people die from cancer each year, which is good! But what about Alzheimer’s?


What about cardiac events like stroke, heart attack or hypertension that, if not controlled, can lead to those events? Or, what about diabetes? Currently, over 30 million Americans live with diabetes. Many of them will die because of diabetes-related side effects, as well as uncontrolled diabetes. We're also seeing a rising trend in antibiotic-resistant super-germs.

We desperately need new antibiotics to ensure that nobody dies simply because of an infection. And at Citruslabs, this is what we thrive for: Research. And the number one roadblock for releasing a new drug or treatment is patient recruitment.


86% of clinical trials fail to meet their recruitment targets. As a result, 80% of clinical trials are delayed significantly. To us, this is simply unacceptable. Citruslabs is a truly mission-driven company. We work hard every day to make a difference in our patient’s and enterprise customer’s lives.

Our Founders

Citruslabs’ three founders met at graduate school in Glasgow, Scotland and founded the company out of a desire to help the aging generation.


Roger Rogelio, our CTO, cared for seven years for his grandfather with Alzheimer's. Patrick Renner, our COO, volunteered in a nursing home and saw the crippling effects of memory loss. And Susanne Mitschke, our CEO, lost her father early in life to age-related disease. Together, we were proud to be named 30 under 30 by Forbes in 2018.

Roger Arellano

Susanne Mitschke

Patrick Renner

Find out how we can help your clinical trial succeed with improved patient recruitment and retention strategies.






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