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How to make your Clinical Trials more Patient-Centric

Patient-centricity has become something of a buzzword in our industry. Making clinical trials more patient-centered isn’t a new idea, but it is something that is being increasingly noticed and strived for by sites, with new and innovative ways of increasing patient centricity coming to the fore in recent times. But just what does ‘patient-centricity’ mean, and what does it look like in practice? Patient centricity is ultimately about putting the patient first in every aspect of every process at your site. It is often confused or packaged with patient engagement, but where engagement involves activities designed to maintain a relationship with patients, centricity is about a mindset that unde

5 Tips for Recruiting Seniors to Clinical Trials

Recruiting senior citizens presents no shortage of challenges to clinical trials organisers. Several studies have found that the over-65 age group is significantly underrepresented in clinical trial participation. This contrasts worryingly with the increasing importance of elderly individuals to research studies given the range of illnesses and diseases prevalent in our ageing population. The factors that influence recruitment are largely determined by the type of research study being done, nevertheless, studies on the subject of recruitment have found some strategies which have been shown to improve the recruitment of seniors, especially, almost universally. 1) Make Travel Easier Travel

How to Ensure IRB Approval

Without IRB approval, a clinical trial is, of course, unable to go ahead and so understanding what the review board is looking for and ensuring compliance should be considered of paramount importance to investigators, sites and sponsors. The role of the IRB is simply to protect the safety and rights of clinical trials participants and so it is understandable that approval is a thorough process. Nevertheless, it needn’t be a source of worry. Here are some key considerations when seeking IRB approval: Prepare and Organize information In order to review the study and determine approval, the IRB requires access to all relevant documentation and information regarding the study. In order to guaran



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