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How to Recruit Patients for Your Alzheimer's Study

Research into Alzheimer’s has intensified over the last forty years, and it has given us a significant depth of knowledge and insight into the disease. Yet despite some incredible progress, Alzheimer’s remains without a cure or effective treatment, and clinical trials are increasingly vital to the quest to beat the disease. However, successfully completing clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatments, arguably, presents an even greater challenge than most other studies. One of the main reasons for this is the difficulty of recruiting eligible patients to take part in trials and enrolling them in sufficient numbers for trials to be seen through to completion. Recruitment has long been a signifi

How to Improve Site Engagement

Site engagement is a true buzzword in clinical trials today, and rightly so! According to research in 2016 by the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), some 40% of sites drop out of clinical trials. This is an alarming statistic, and even more shocking when considering a simple lack of engagement from sponsors is a key factor in many of these cases. When it comes to site engagement, the clue really is in the name! When sites are kept engaged, they feel more invested in the outcomes of the trial and therefore being driven to improve statistics and increase performance. More specifically, an effective engagement strategy can drive increases in important metrics like patient enrolme

How to Select the Best Sites for Your Clinical Trial

The outcomes of a clinical trial are dependent on the clinicians who will enroll, treat and evaluate participants, and so selecting the right trial sites is paramount to a successful clinical trial, and something that must be carefully considered. Careful consideration of appropriate sites is essential for several ethical, scientific and operational reasons. 86% of clinical trials will experience delays which are a huge drain on resources. A leading cause of this is failure to recruit patients in sufficient numbers, within expected timeframes. Inadequate sites ultimately drain valuable resources through the extra training and visits they require, and the costs incurred by delays. In order to



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