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5 Tips for Successful Patient Recruitment

With 80% of clinical trials failing to meet patient recruitment deadlines, it is clear that many sites struggle to attract patients to clinical trials (Clintec, 2019). As a consequence, life-saving treatments are prevented from being developed and sites often face large financial losses. So, here are 5 tips you can use to successfully recruit patients to your clinical trials. 1. Consider feasibility When considering to run a clinical trial, you should take time to think whether your site has the capability to do the trial and whether it is feasible. Past data can help with this. You should analyse data from previous trials to see what went well, and where improvements can be made. This can h

5 Reasons to participate in Clinical Trials

Before we tell you why to take part in a clinical trial, we should tell you what a clinical trial actually is. A clinical trial is used to test the effectiveness of a new drug/treatment for a particular illness. Everyday medicines like paracetamol and aspirin also had to go through clinical trials before they were made public. Clinical trials are a standard part of medical development and help to discover new, revolutionary treatments. However, the centre of any clinical trial are the patients. Without you, clinical trials cannot take place. So, here are 10 reasons why you should take part in a clinical trial. 1. You have access to the best minds in medicine Clinical trials are not just desi



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