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3 ways technology can help streamline your clinical trial

The recent improvements in technology have aided almost every industry from education to defence. And clinical trials are no exception. Clinical trials are hugely based around data: data is needed to recruit patients, needs to be retrieved from patients during monitoring, and is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the trial treatment. It is estimated that each patient in a clinical trial has 8 billion data points. With these large volumes of information, researchers are presented with the challenge of retrieving and analysing all of the relevant information. Recent developments in database searching technology, wearable technology, and AI can assist researchers who are looking to retrieve,

What Stops People Joining Clinical Trials?

Recruiting patients has proven to be a struggle for many trials, with 15-20% of sites being unable to recruit even 1 patient (Lo, 2014). In this situation, it is important to consider which factors are preventing people from joining clinical trials. So, here are 5 factors that stop people from joining clinical trials. 1. Lack of trust Unfortunately, many people do not trust pharma companies, as they are thought to only care about profits, and it is therefore thought that some researchers have the wrong motivations. Moreover, as with any industry, the bad experiences spread much further and quicker than the successes. Due to this, some may have heard of the bad experiences of past participant



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