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Site in Miami sees a significant increase in drop-out rates during recruitment process

Location: Miami

Tools: CTMS system

Active studies: 10

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CTMS System Case Study | Clinical Trials Citruslabs

"Citruslabs showed us the importance of successful patient engagement for better enrollment and retention rates and we could not be happier with the results."

CRC, Site in Miami

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A site saw an increase in dropout rates for all of their 10 research studies and feared not to meet their patient targets. Even though the site did use a CTMS system, the staff still spend a big amount of time on administrative tasks and follow-up, which disabled them to engage enough with their potential patients from start until finish.


The site contacted Citruslabs to help reduce their dropout rates. Citruslabs introduced them to Citrus, our fully integrated patient engagement, and retention platform. The site was able to use personalized, customized, but fully automated campaigns to engage with their patients throughout the entire trial process, which allowed them to spend more time on screening and recruiting and less on tedious follow-ups and manual reporting. 


Now that the patients are truly engaged and have gained trust through two-way communication and an integrated patient portal, the research site decreased their dropout rates by 39%. Citruslabs has also helped the research staff to save valuable time through advanced reporting and offered patient insights and feedback to improve the sites’ recruitment process with every interaction. 


Reduction in drop-out rates


Increase in patient satisfaction score


Increase in staff productivity

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