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Site network in Los Angeles faced challenges with timely, and effective reporting. 

Location: Los Angeles

Tools: CTMS system

Research studies: 20

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"Receiving real-time patient insights and feedback has changed our way of recruiting and definitely improved our enrollment statistics positively."

CRC, Site network in Los Angeles

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A site network with over 20 different research studies had always used CTMS systems for better organization of their trial, however, was facing challenges with standardized, coherent, and effective reporting. Due to different systems for their trials, it was a tedious task to collect all essential data for manual reporting and difficult to determining KPIs to improve studies and show their sponsors their profitability based on their vendors’ performances.


After comparing a variety of different products they could use as an add-on for their CTMS system, the site network contacted Citruslabs. With our fully integrated solution, we were able to offer standardized, advanced activity reporting, which created transparency for the research staff and their sponsors and made it easy to effectively develop reporting for multiple clinical trials and determine KPIs according to it.  


With Citruslabs advanced reporting solution, research staff saved valuable time by using standardized activity reporting and was able to gain a deeper understanding of their patients' dropout rates alongside their recruitment funnels. As a result, the network was able to make proactive adjustments to their patient experience and enhanced their enrollment and retention metrics accordingly.


more time saved on reporting


higher profitability analysis


Improved enrollment due to better KPIs

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