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Research Site in New Jersey struggled to engage their potential patients for better retention

Location: New Jersey

Tools: Spreadsheets

Research studies: 3

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“Engaging referrals and communicating with patients has never been easier for me. I was concerned about using automated campaigns at first, but setting my own rules has convinced me and saves so much time.”

CRC, Research Site New Jersey

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The research staff increasingly experienced difficulties engaging their patients throughout the entire recruitment process due to a lack of time and a high amount of administrative tasks. Their manual workflow made it hard to stay organized and keep track of past patient interactions, which led to insufficient communication with referrals and patients and resulted in patients falling between the cracks as well as low retention rates. 


The research site realized that the only way to effectively communicate and engage their patients was by switching to a tech solution, which would allow them to manage and organize their referrals in one central location and create multiple touchpoints to enhance the patient experience and nurture them throughout the entire process. Citruslabs’ software and its available features as well as the fast set up was convinced them to give it a try. 


Using Citruslabs, the site increased their patient satisfaction by 69% and enhanced their patient engagement and overall experience through centralized two-way communication with an integrated patient portal, and personalized, customized, and automated campaigns. In addition, the increase in patient engagement resulted in higher retention rates and better profitability for future clinical trials. 


increased patient engagement


Higher retention



Increased patient satisfaction

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