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Research Site in Houston had difficulties meeting their enrollment targets.

Location: Houston

Tools: Spreadsheets

Research studies: 5

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"Switching from a manual workflow to a technological solution with automation like Citrus was unfamiliar at first, but very easy to adapt to. I would not want to switch back"

CRC, Site Houston

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A research site in Houston had experienced challenges with meeting their enrollment targets for multiple clinical trials in a row. They either had to deal with unresponsive patients, drop-out rates, or dissatisfaction due to time delays. Their workflow was based on spreadsheets and multiple databases, which made it hard to find referrals and follow-up with patients in a timely manner. This was frustrating for the staff as they spend multiple hours per week finding and replacing referrals instead of screening and enrolling them.


Looking for a fully integrated, all-in-one solution to make their workflow more effective, the site reached out to Citruslabs with the goal to increase screenings and enrollments and to show profitability for existing and future clinical trial sponsors. Not only were they able to change their entire workflow, from centralized task management to maximized patient engagement, but did also save valuable time through personalized, automated campaigns and effective collaboration with their colleagues.


Using Citruslabs, the research site was able to organize their referrals and daily tasks better and quickly standardize their patient engagement for better enrollment results. With Citruslabs offering one central location to manage referrals from multiple sources and collaborative, prioritized, and automated task management to enable the site’s staff to increase their productivity, the research site was able to put 100% of their focus on screening and enrolling patients.


increased enrollment rates


Better patient engagement 


Focus on screening and enrolling

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