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Customized Clinical Research for Consumer Brands

Elevate Your Products with Scientifically Proven Product Claims!

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Citruslabs specializes in clinical trials for consumer brands in the health and wellness space, covering supplements, skincare, biotech, medical devices, and pet health. 

Want to stand out in this highly competitive market? We understand the pivotal role research-backed product claims play in your brand development journey.

Why Citruslabs?

  • Streamlined Research Processes: From start to finish, we handle it all.

  • Accurate Results: Get precise and reliable data.

  • Objective Data: Include biomarkers, expert grading, trackers, and more.

  • Fast Turnaround: Nobody is faster than us.

  • Tailored Solutions: Customized to meet your specific needs.

We offer end-to-end services, from study design to data analysis, with an affordable and technology-driven approach. Our goal is to help you make great product claims, enhance credibility, and drive growth.


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Research-backed product claims for brands

The right clinical trial for your product category

We have worked with hundreds of brands over the past years, from biotech to wellness brands, testing the effectiveness of your products is our expertise.


We have created research-backed product claims for a variety of different product categories:




Medical devices

Pet health


Our research team can create study designs for one or multiple different products and supports you with determining timelines, budget expectations, and study set-up.


Want to learn more about your options and our pricing? 


Your brand is at the heart of our operations

What makes us different

At Citruslabs, we're dedicated to partnering with you on a unique research journey. Our focus is on adaptability, affordability, and speed, using our advanced Citruslabs technology to provide an exceptional clinical trial experience.


Unlike others with rigid sample sizes and inflated prices, we prioritize your brand's needs and goals. Think of us as a committed ally, ensuring a collaborative, transparent, and customized research path every step of the way.


The Citruslabs Difference 

Other CROs

Customized study design

We never use templates. We can conduct RCTs, single -group, and perception studies.

Regulatory-reviewed claims

A regulatoy counsel will review the set of claims we provide to you as part of your study.

Complete data ownership

Marketing graphics

All data, regardless if it's raw data or analyzed data is owned by the brand, not the CRO.

We provide you with ready-to-use graphics and advice for showcasing your study results.

Biomarkers + before & afters

Citruslabs Tested Seal*

Biomarkers and before and after photos and videos can be added to every study.

After successfully completing your study
with us, you will receive our seal free of charge.

*The Citruslabs Tested Seal is earned only after your products pass a rigorous standard set forth by Citruslabs. Passing results are dependent on your product and are not guaranteed. 

Our Clients Say

"Citruslabs has been the most efficient, and most cost-effective way to achieve scientific validation of our retinol gummy."

Jennifer Chung, CEO Embody

Do you want to learn more about the research studies we have conducted with clients from supplement, skincare, cosmetic, superfood, and pet health brands?

Dive into the world of clinical research for brands

Citruslabs Knowledge Hub

Flexible pricing tailored to your unique needs

We believe that every brand is unique, and so should its research be tailored accordingly. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach with the studies we conduct but customize everything to your specific goals. This is why our pricing can vary based on the diverse aspects of your research needs. Our focus is to ensure that you benefit from an innovative, budget-friendly solution that aligns with your specific research objectives.

Types and number of Product(s)


Potential add-ons

Company Budget


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