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Pennsylvania site triples enrollment rate despite demanding protocol

Location: Pennsylvania

Indication: Depression

Referrals ordered: 60

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Depression Case Study | Clinical Trials Citruslabs

"Citruslabs' data-driven approach to patient recruitment was a needed change for our site. Our experience with Citruslabs has been phenomenal."

Study Coordinator, Site in Pennsylvania



This Pennsylvania research center was running a clinical study on depression with a very demanding protocol that included very hard inclusion and exclusion criteria.  The site experienced an unusually high screen-failure rate, with a  current enrollment rate of only 2%. To not underachieve, the site urgently needed more qualified patients. 


Citruslabs used its own health apps and also utilized its partner apps to identify suitable candidates based on the site's IRB-approved pre-screener, as well as data points collected through the health apps: 

  • Medical data; 

  • Demographic data;

  • Behavioral data; 


The research center tripled its enrollment rate with Citruslabs and enrolled 5 patients out of 60, which is an overall enrollment rate of 8%. The site's expectation was to enroll 1 out of 60 patients, due to the very demanding protocol. This result provided an immediate and major return of investment to the research center.


Time saved to enroll patients


Increase in enrollment rate


Enrollment rate

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