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Nationwide type-2 diabetes study doubles qualified

patient referrals

Sponsor: 17 sites US-wide

Indication: Diabetes Type-2

Referrals ordered: 680

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"Citruslabs delivers fast recruitment and at the same time also high-quality leads that are pre-screened and educated. Overall, we're highly satisfied with the results we got from our engagement with Citruslabs."

Recruitment Specialist, Biotech



After starting to recruit for their study, the company realized that to get to their enrollment target, they have to reach more patients. Social media marketing turned out to be more expensive than they thought and the biotech wasn't able to reach their desired target group. Our client contacted us after hearing about us from another company. 


Our client received exactly what attracted them to Citruslabs in the first place: a cost-efficient way to bring in a guaranteed number of pre-qualified patients. To get to the number of patients, Citruslabs utilized its database via its own health apps and also involved apps from their partner program to complete the biotech's order. 


Since implementing Citruslabs, the sponsor has seen fast growth in qualified patient referrals, costing less than the referrals that came in via social media marketing from the central ad campaign, which was an immediate return on investment for the biotech. Additionally, Citruslabs was also able to boost the number of on-site screenings dramatically. 


Reduction of price per qualified lead


increase in qualified patient referrals


Increase in on-site screenings

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