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Biotech gaining new insights and reducing their patient dropouts significantly

Sponsor: 13 sites US-wide

Indication: Menopause

Referrals ordered: 520

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"Citruslabs provided great service! Their software showed us where the gaps in our process were and on top, they also delivered qualified patients. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is recruiting patients."

CMO, Biotech



After months of recruitment for their clinical trial using a central ad campaign, which included social media ads, radio ads, and ads in local newspapers, the sponsor had problems finding patients and knew that they were behind their enrollment schedule. At this time, their current campaign was not delivering the boost the study needed. 


Citruslabs took over patient recruitment for the sponsor and also introduced the software Citrus to the sites to streamline the patient process by automating parts of the process and find out which campaign performs best. Additionally, Citruslabs was able to present the sponsor with unprecedented KPIs to boost site performance.


Through automating especially the administrative part of the patient recruitment process and helping sites to improve their patient engagement, the sponsor saw an increase in patient satisfaction, which resulted in fewer patient dropouts. The sponsor also increased its patient enrollment rate dramatically, saving a big amount of their recruitment budget. 


Hours saved


fewer patient dropouts


Enrollment rate

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