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Site in Florida sees a surge in qualified patients and a huge increase in efficiency.

Location: Florida

Indication: NASH

Referrals ordered: 30

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Nash Case Study | Clinical Trials Citruslabs

"We have seen a very high quality in patient referrals with Citruslabs. Especially the customer success team is always very attentive, responsive, and helpful."

Principal Investigator, Florida Site



Before this site in Florida brought on Citruslabs to help with patient recruitment, the site was at the edge of under-enrolling for this NASH study. Their enrollment target was 7 patients. The site had especially issues with receiving qualified referrals that had good contact information, as the site staff wasted many hours contacting patients. 


The site was implementing Citruslabs' patient recruitment service, which guaranteed them 30 pre-screened referrals with confirmed contact details and also confirmed interest in participating in a clinical trial. Everything with the goal to not only deliver qualified referrals but also increase the site's efficiency. 


For this NASH study, the site saw a 13% enrollment rate. This was substantially higher than what they achieved via their own social media advertising campaigns. Additionally, the site wasted significantly fewer hours on calling patients with bad contact information and calling unqualified patients. The PI and team were very happy with their result. 


Increase in efficiency


return on investment


Enrollment rate

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