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3 Tips for Developing the Purrfect Pet Health Supplement for Cats

Supplements aren’t perfect because they aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure a disease. And that goes for our feline friends too! But you can certainly aim to design one that pet parents will feel confident about giving to their cats. To develop the perfect pet health supplement for cats, consider these insights and strategies derived from professionals in the field:

Tailor for Specific Health Benefits

Understand the health focus of your product. Do you aim to address joint, digestive, or skin issues? This focus profoundly impacts your product's formulation, dictating what scientifically-backed, premium ingredients to select that offer targeted support for cat health. Partnerships with professionals who know the line between market needs and feline biology can facilitate the creation of not only appealing but substantially significant goods.

One of our veterinarians, Dr. Kathy Lewis, has noticed a gap in the feline supplement industry for urinary health. “Someone needs to develop a supplement that addresses the ‘stress’ component, along with the inflammation associated with cystitis.”

Perhaps that could be your company?

Ensure Optimal Nutrient Bioavailability

Cats differ greatly in how they absorb and metabolize nutrients compared to other pets. To help your cat supplement deliver the most value, aim for optimal bioavailability. You’ll need to make nutrients in a form that's easily and effectively used by the cat's body.

Veterinarian oversight in the formulation phase, coupled with in-depth research into better nutrient assimilation strategies, can give you a supplement that even the pickiest kitties will enjoy. 

Combine Palatability with Vigorous Testing

Cats are notorious for being picky eaters! Consider taste, texture, and scent to create a product that cats will find appealing. A supplement that cats willingly consume ensures consistent results because an owner is more likely to stick with a routine that doesn’t involve forcing or tricking their cat into taking the product.

Formulate supplements with flavors and textures that cats prefer, while also conducting thorough tests to ensure these products meet pet owner expectations. Engaging in trials that assess the acceptance and health impacts of supplements on cats is crucial.  

Dr. Kathy Lewis says, “Clinical research is of utmost importance in the development of pet supplements and food products. Since these products are not regulated by the FDA, there needs to be some way to evaluate the claims made by a particular brand. Clinical research is the best and only way to do this.” 

We can help you with clinical testing! 

And no–we don’t test ON animals, we test WITH animals. This means we work with pet parents who give their cats supplements and monitor their activity or other markers you want to measure. We can involve our veterinarians in a more in-depth analysis through telehealth visits as well. Check out what we can do together.


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