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Behind the Scenes: How Citruslabs Works with Wellness Brands

Navigating clinical trials in the wellness industry can be complex, but knowing the right path makes all the difference. That's where Citruslabs steps in, guiding your wellness brand through the maze of clinical research with precision and expertise. Our collaborative process is marked by personal guidance from our team. This article will give you a better understanding of what it’s like to work with us, from start to finish, so you can plan your experience with us into your day-to-day operations. 

Stage 1: Discovery with Travis

The journey begins with Travis, our Director of Partnerships, who's like the gatekeeper to all the opportunities for research to enhance your brand. He explains, "Discovery is all about listening. We dive deep into what our partners need, their brand vision, and how research can elevate their story and increase their ROI. This also includes talking about what claims the brand wants to make." This stage is crucial for setting the tone. You’ll share your aspirations, and Travis aligns these with actionable, research-based strategies that are also in your budget. It's not just about meeting needs, but about uncovering the potential brands might not even realize they have.

Stage 2: Tailoring the Approach

Once the needs and budgets are on the table, we tailor our approach. This customization is key. We believe your brand's journey should be as unique as your products. Susanne, CEO and Co-Founder, emphasizes, "We don't just offer solutions; we craft customized studies based on each brand’s unique product. Each step is carefully designed to reflect the brand's ethos and goals." Whether it's a randomized controlled trial, a single group pilot study, or consumer perception studies, our strategies are never one-size-fits-all.

Stage 3: Study Onboarding with Jodi

With a plan in hand, brands move to the onboarding phase, helmed by Jodi, our Director of Customer Success. Jodi's role is pivotal in transitioning from planning to action. "Onboarding is where plans take flight. We ensure our partners are equipped, informed, and ready for the research journey ahead," Jodi shares. This phase involves detailed discussions on timelines, expectations, shipping, subject recruitment, and deliverables, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Stage 4: Conducting the Research

Here's where the magic happens. Our team of experts conducts the research. In decentralized trials, it’s essential to check in with participants, ensuring they’re following the study protocol. We maintain constant communication with our partners, providing updates and insights. This stage is all about transparency and trust. We ensure that the research not only adheres to the highest scientific standards but also aligns seamlessly with brand objectives. 

Stage 5: Analyzing and Reporting

Once the data rolls in, our data science team gets to work. This stage transforms data into compelling stories. We don't just deliver numbers and raw data; we provide narratives that brands can use to bolster their marketing, enhance their product development, and build consumer trust. Susanne adds, "Our reports are not just results; they are roadmaps for future growth and success."

Stage 6: Ongoing Support and Growth

The journey with Citruslabs doesn't end with a report. We believe in fostering lasting relationships. Ongoing support, further research, and continuous collaboration are part of our commitment to brand growth. Travis puts it succinctly: "Our partners' success is our success. We're in it for the long haul and that’s why many brands return for second, third studies, or more than that, to test additional products."

A Partnership for Growth

From the initial discovery with Travis to the study onboarding with Jodi and beyond, our process is designed to empower brands with evidence-based narratives. Susanne says, "We don't just conduct research; we create stories of success, one brand at a time."

By understanding and anticipating the needs at each stage, your brand can develop realistic expectations and engage more effectively with us, ensuring a fruitful and enduring partnership. With Citruslabs, the journey towards evidence-based brand growth is not just a path, but an adventure in innovation and success.

Ready to Join Us on this Journey?

Take the first step–discovery with our Director of Partnerships to find out how clinical research can elevate your brand. Talk with our team today


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