Best Supplements to take this WInter

Earlier this week, we explored some of the common symptoms and treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) Now, we’ll overview some of the best natural remedies and supplements you can use to complement existing treatments for SAD, or simply to boost your mood in the coldest parts of the year. Note that some vitamins and supplements can interact negatively with psychopharmaceuticals, so always check with your doctor before adding a new supplement to your routine if you’re already receiving treatment.

Vitamin D

Given that decreased sunlight in the autumn and winter may trigger non-SAD low mood, many people turn to vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, and deficiency of it may lead to feeling tired, achy, and generally unwell. Some people take vitamin D supplements in the darker months in order to relieve lethargy and tiredness. While it may not be clinically evidenced to improve your mood, it can at least help to ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need in the winter months and stabilize your physical health. You should aim to supplement your diet with 10mg of Vitamin D each day.


Often overlooked, iron is the mineral that helps create red blood cells. These cells circulate oxygen around the body, a vital task for keeping you healthy. Without adequate iron, you may even develop iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency is associated with tiredness and lack of energy. As such, taking Iron supplements may be a good way to boost your energy in the winter months if you don’t meet your intake goals each day. You should be sure to take no more than 20mg of iron supplements a day -- including in multivitamins as they often include small amounts of iron you may not be aware of.

Vitamin B

In total, there are eight different kinds of vitamin B. Their job cannot be understated: they help the body release energy from the food we eat throughout the day. Some types, such as B9 and B12 also work alongside Iron to create red blood cells and improve circulation.

Similar to the other vitamin, deficiency in vitamin B may lead to tiredness, lethargy, low mood, and feelings of weakness in your limbs. Vitamin B complexes often boast many of the different types of Vitamin B in one convenient capsule, but if you’d rather stick to single-action supplements it’s best to look for those containing Vitamin B9 (around 200 micrograms of this folate per day is plenty) and B12 (1.5 micrograms will suffice.)

What to look for in Supplements

When shopping fr supplements this winter, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Remember that many supplements come loaded with artificial colorings, flavors, and preservatives. Try to find options that are as natural and effective as possible. It’s also important to double-check any multivitamins or vitamin complexes to ensure you aren’t doubling up on any ingredient excessively, as this can end up doing more harm than good.

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