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Cantering into the Future of Pet Health

As the CEO of Citruslabs, I've always believed that health and wellness extend beyond human boundaries. That's why I'm thrilled to announce our expansion into a new frontier: pet health. The pet health market is bursting with innovative products, from supplements to grooming tools, shaping a new era of animal care. As Citruslabs expands into this industry, I wanted to share what makes me excited about it. 

If you know me, or ever had a call with me, you know that I’m an equestrian. My ribbons and horse photos are displayed on the wall behind my desk. My passion for horses was sparked as a young kid. I grew up near a barn and was lucky enough that my parents took me to visit a little Shetland Pony called Max every day, rain or shine. By the age of ten, I finally was convincing enough to get my first horseback riding lessons and join a program. Since then, I couldn’t imagine my life without these majestic creatures. No matter where life has taken me, whether in different cities or continents, horses have been a constant companion, teaching me invaluable lessons in leadership and patience.

My Equine Partner

I've been fortunate enough to find my heart horse and bond with a Haflinger horse named Cosmo. I’m always happy when others see that Cosmo and I have a deep friendship also beyond the saddle. Riding is all about trust, something that you build not only under the saddle, but also during grooming, and groundwork sessions. 

Cosmo has a very playful soul that many people mistake for naughtiness. He is incredibly loyal and forgiving. Whether it's jumping, cross-country, or dressage, he always tries his best. However, he can be a bit too enthusiastic and excited, especially during cross-country, which results in the occasional buck. 

Cosmo teaches me a lot about leadership; especially when I’m trying to teach him new things such as stretchy trotting or canter tempi changes. 

Citruslabs’ leap into pet health 

Cosmo's quirks—his aversion to puddles, fear of baby chickens, or indifference to the chaos of trash trucks—show the uniqueness of each animal's needs and behaviors. He can also be a bit nervous during horse shows because he senses my own tension. This is why I got really excited when Citruslabs was approached by horse supplement company Equine74. We tested their gastrointestinal supplement and horse show calming paste. Needless to say, the products work! Not only did I see a big change (for the better) in behavior, but my barn friends saw similar results when they were trying out Equine74 (disclosure: neither Cosmo nor our friends were part of the study we conducted to eliminate bias). Witnessing the significant impact of these natural products on Cosmo's show anxiety and gastrointestinal health was amazing to see.

This personal experience is driving my vision at Citruslabs. We're not just expanding into pet health; we're diving deep into understanding and validating the efficacy of pet products. I'm excited to explore how various supplements, foods, and care products truly benefit our animal companions. Our goal is to ensure that these products aren't just market trends, but effective solutions backed by science.

The Future is Bright and Barking (or Neighing or Meowing!)

I look forward to blending my personal experiences with our company's expertise. The pet health market is a chance to enhance the lives of animals who bring us so much joy. Whether it's reducing anxiety during horse shows or improving overall well-being, our mission is to foster healthier, happier lives for our pets.

Join us as we venture into this exciting space, where passion meets science, and where every discovery helps us better care for our beloved animal friends.


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