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Considerations when researching within the Autism Community

Clinical trials and other medical research that involves those on the spectrum can too often be exclusionary and limited. In order to approach research within the autistic community with respect, ethical considerations need to be addressed, particularly in regards to sex and gender, level of support needs, communication modes, and other demographic information. With these things in mind, it’s possible to create a more inclusionary atmosphere for research into autism spectrum disorders.


When researching autism spectrum disorders, the exclusion of marginalized subgroups is a major concern. This often stems from lack of accommodation to support needs, unwillingness of research teams to travel to patients, and the use of unsuitable and exclusionary language.

Particularly in day-to-day research, it’s often the case that procedures are constructed without the input of members of the community which they affect. There are many challenges involved in Autism research, particularly when autistic children are involved, presenting issues with autonomous decision making and informed consent hurdles.


The most recent research which has involved input from autistic people suggests that to encourage inclusion, respect, and autonomy, there are five main pillars which should be considered in research. These, called “person-oriented research ethics” are excerpted from a body of research collected by Casico et al., 2020, as follows:

“1. individualization (e.g. providing individualized support for participants),

2. acknowledgment of lived world (e.g. acknowledging barriers to care that impact research ethics),

3. empowerment in decision-making (e.g. creating accessible consent processes that address specific communication needs),

4. respect for holistic personhood (e.g. addressing sensory and processing needs and strengths), and

5. focus on researcher–participant relationships (e.g. involving autistic people in ways other than research participants, including but not limited to via participatory research).”

Where do we come in?

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