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3 Bio-pharmas release Covid-trial timeline

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With the September deadline set by researchers at the University of Oxford looking like it will not be met, increasing pressure is now being put on coronavirus research to produce some results - and fast. In the last 48 hours, 3 of the big names studying the virus have published their latest clinical protocol to ease some of the general anxiety. Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have all released an insight into their late-stage clinical trials that should produce data in the next few months.

While no end date has been confirmed (though sometime in October has been speculated), Pfizer’s phase 3 clinical trials are some of the fastest growing in clinical research today. According to their most recent statement, the data received from these clinical trials will need to score 50% efficacy to qualify for approval by the FDA.

Moderna’s research appears to be in a similar position. The company’s announcement estimated that trials would produce workable data somewhere between the last few months of 2020 and the early days of 2021. Moderna’s ‘mRNA-1273’, subject to the success of an interim analysis, will continue to be assessed under blind conditions to clarify the substance’s long-term safety and efficacy. As of today, 25,000 patients have been enrolled into the pharma’s clinical trials, with around half now being administered a second shot of the compound.

Due to stop and starts over the last few months, AstraZeneca was the last to publish updates on their progress. According to the company’s statement, their ‘AZD1222’ compound is planning to undergo only one interim analysis that could, if successful, see the product ready for use in early next year. Despite this optimism, however, there still remains concerns surrounding the efficacy of their drug; as only a few weeks ago phase 3 clinical trials were halted due to serious safety concerns arising in one of the study’s patients. The company’s UK trials have now recommenced - but their US operations remain at a standstill.

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