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Enroll Now - MasterClass: How to Conduct Clinical Research

The importance of substantiating product claims through rigorous clinical research cannot be overstated. But what happens if your budget constraints are a little too restrictive for you to engage with a CRO?

Not to worry, with our help, you can conduct your own research! We’ve designed a Masterclass to walk you through each step of the process, from study design to creating product claims. Led by the seasoned expert, Susanne Mitschke, CEO and Co-Founder of Citruslabs, each session explores clinical trials, providing invaluable instructions that will empower you to bolster your scientific credibility through your own research.

MasterClass Overview

Citruslabs MasterClass: How to Conduct Clinical Research

Instructor: Susanne Mitschke, Renowned Expert in Clinical Research

Duration: 5 on-demand sessions

Key Session Topics:

Lesson 1: Setting Your Research Foundation

Begin your clinical research journey by defining your research question and understanding your study goals and outcomes. selecting the right study design, and understanding what variables you'll measure. Lay the groundwork for a successful study.

Lesson 2: Selecting a Study Design & Methodologies

Explore different study designs and understand the impact of different methodologies to collect your data. Learn how to build impactful product claims and understand how your study design can impact these claims.

Lesson 3: Participant Recruitment and Timeframe

Define your participant criteria to create a study that delivers meaningful results. Learn how to recruit participants for your study and explore the importance of setting a realistic timeframe for your research.

Lesson 4: Study Implementation 

Learn about strategic approaches for reducing dropouts and maintaining a robust audit trail. This lesson equips you with the essential tactics to preserve the credibility of your data, ensuring it stands up to scrutiny and supports the reliability of your study outcomes.

Lesson 5: Crafting Your Product Claims

Learn the ins and outs of product claims, differentiating between subjective and objective claims. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type and how to use your claims at the end of your study. 

Why Enroll?

For many brands at an early stage, you might want to test your product with a group of people before you engage in a clinical trial with a CRO. These early-stage tests can provide you with research to reformulate your product (if necessary) and get a clearer understanding of how it’s being utilized within your target audience.

For other brands who want to take a DIY approach, our masterclass will provide you with everything you need to know–straight from the experts–in order to conduct your own research. You need research to back up your marketing claims. This is the most affordable way to do just that.

This isn't your snooze-worthy lecture; we're talking about diving deep into sessions designed to give you real-world, practical know-how – stuff you can actually use for your brand, no fluff! 

How to Enroll

Simply visit our enrollment site and sign up! You gain instant access to all five on-demand courses. No need to arrange your schedule to attend live sessions.


If at any time during the course you're feeling stuck or you need a little more guidance on your study, please reach out to us at We're happy to help!

Happy learning!


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