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How Citrus can help you restart your clinical trial

After many clinical trials had paused their practices and stopped recruiting patients, more and more research organizations are picking up their paste again and restart or resume trials. According to GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center, the number of resumed clinical trials has actually increased, from 741 to 808 resumed trials, 82.4% of those trials are currently actively recruiting potential study candidates. 7.3% of resumed trials have already concluded patient recruitment and 0.5% of trials are awaiting recruitment of study participants.

However, restarting patient recruitment methods during a pandemic appears to be hard for some research sites, especially because patients fear getting infected during on-site visits and many sites do not have the infrastructure (yet) to switch their on-site trials to virtual ones.

Citruslabs can support you with restarting your patient recruitment efforts to set you up for clinical trial success. We have created Citrus to generate highly qualified and educated referrals, drive patients through the entire recruitment funnel, and nurture them throughout the experience to give them a feeling of safety and trust.

Not only can you manage all of your incoming referrals through our centralized referral management tool, but you can keep them engaged and informed about ongoing safety measures on your research site, and updates within the study.

Further, our communication hub allows you to answer questions and concerns directly, which increases trust and a feeling of safety to be in good hands, and with our integrated patient portal, referrals will have their own platform to receive information, ask questions, and get reminders and automated, personalized messages in regard to their clinical trial status and upcoming meetings.

Does this sound interesting to you? Contact us to restart your clinical trial with Citrus.

Partner with accredited companies

Since 2015, our team has been hard at work raising awareness of clinical trials across the globe. A Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ company and a graduate of the renowned Techstar program in New York, Citruslabs is at the forefront of patient recruitment and retention technologies. With over 3 million patients now recorded on our databases, our patient recruitment dashboard is fast becoming the most efficient method of trial recruitment.

Now a #1 health app in 17 countries, our Mindmate app is helping to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare. Mindmate “[takes] senior care into the digital age” (Forbes, 2018) by providing people with the cognitive decline the essential tools to help them rebuild and maintain strong mental health. Trusted by millions of users, our health community continues to grow as the content available expands to the needs of individuals today.

With more than 200 research sites now using the Citrus platform to screen thousands of patients every month, researchers are now well on their way to finding new treatments for hundreds of different health conditions - something that just would not be possible without a technological solution. Make sure that your clinical trial is in the lucky 12% and turn that luck into guaranteed results with Citrus.

  • Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with us here, and check out our archives for all our top tips and tricks on running successful clinical trials in today's constantly changing industry.

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