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How Citrus fits into your clinical trial strategy

With over 86% of clinical trials not meeting their patient targets, the clinical trial industry has been in need of new solutions to drive patient recruitment metrics and increase retention to drive profitability for the longest time. As research sites following different clinical trial strategies and clinical trial infrastructures, finding a one-fits-all solution has not been easy within the industry.

This is why Citruslabs has developed Citrus, a fully integrated platform to drive successful patient recruitment and retention metrics that fit your clinical trial strategy and helps your site to grow their revenue and scale clinical trial practices.

The recruitment and retention software that grows with your business

Every research site has its own protocol and works towards a variety of goals within the recruitment workflow, whether it is to make their trial faster, less costly, or more successful. No matter what your clinical trial goal is, whether you have to hit your weekly enrollment targets, decrease patient dropouts (especially because over 33% of patients drop out over the course of the clinical trial process), improve your overall recruitment workflow, or driver higher retention rates to improve profitability - Citrus supports you throughout the entire process.

The platform is a centralized, transparent, and automated solution that offers you everything you need to drive success for your clinical trial strategy: engage with patients on a new level, analyze your workflows through advanced reporting including valuable patient insights, use automated and collaborative task management, and enhance different stages of your recruitment and retention funnel to reach your individual clinical trial goals.

Not another CTMS system

Did we mention that Citrus is not a CTMS system? The platform reduces staff burden by engaging patients in ways not possible by offers the ideal add-on that can be integrated with your existing CTMS system and enhance your already existing workflow:

But Citrus is not only for research sites with CTMS systems. For research sites that are currently not working with any systems, Citrus offers an easy-to-use platform that enables staff to manage all stages of the recruitment process - from centralized referral management, where you can recruit and manage referrals from different sources to an automated engagement hub that encourages elevated patient engagement and two-way communication to collaborative, prioritized, and automated task management.

So, no matter what your clinical trial strategies entail and what infrastructure your site operates on, Citrus is your solution to bring your trials to the next level. The future of clinical recruitment and retention starts here.

Partner with accredited companies

Since 2015, our team has been hard at work raising awareness of clinical trials across the globe. A Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ company and a graduate of the renowned Techstar program in New York, Citruslabs is at the forefront of patient recruitment and retention technologies. With over 3 million patients now recorded on our databases, our patient recruitment dashboard is fast becoming the most efficient method of trial recruitment.

Now a #1 health app in 17 countries, our Mindmate app is helping to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare. Mindmate “[takes] senior care into the digital age” (Forbes, 2018) by providing people with the cognitive decline the essential tools to help them rebuild and maintain strong mental health. Trusted by millions of users, our health community continues to grow as the content available expands to the needs of individuals today.

With more than 200 research sites now using the Citrus platform to screen thousands of patients every month, researchers are now well on their way to finding new treatments for hundreds of different health conditions - something that just would not be possible without a technological solution. Make sure that your clinical trial is in the lucky 12% and turn that luck into guaranteed results with Citrus.

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