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How to Reach Your Niche Wellness Consumer

Consumer insights matter in a market where they have almost endless product choices to support their wellness goals.  Here at Citruslabs, we've cracked the code on what makes wellness consumers tick, and the results are a goldmine for brands like yours. In our latest report, we surveyed over 1,000 consumers, peeling back the layers of what they really think about product claims in the wellness industry. Here’s a sample of what we found:

Buzzwords Are Losing Their Buzz

Our findings suggest that marketing buzzwords like “clean” and “100% natural” are losing their charm. With a growing emphasis on authenticity, consumers are increasingly looking for hard facts and scientific backing. For instance, while only 74% of Millennials and 77% of Gen Z trust the buzzword "100% natural", a staggering 93% of Gen Z trust claims backed by scientific studies.

Clinical Research Garners Trust Across Generations

One thing's for sure: clinical research is a trust magnet. Across all age groups, we noticed a high level of trust in products backed by clinical studies. Many consumers called out directly for brands to conduct clinical research and publish their results for full transparency. 

Women, Wellness, and Wisdom

Our female respondents displayed a higher trust level in wellness product claims compared to men. A whopping 92% of women trust products with scientific backing, and 85% trust consumer reviews and testimonials. This shows that women are not just passive consumers; they are informed and discerning, seeking proof and experiences before buying.

Men and Skepticism: A Different Story

Men generally show lower trust levels in wellness product claims. Only 68% trust the term “clean”, and 72% trust “100% natural”. However, when it comes to claims validated by independent third parties, 89% of men show trust, underlining the importance of credibility and substantiation in marketing to this demographic.

The Citruslabs Tested Seal: A Mark of Trust

Consumers across genders and generations showed a strong preference for products featuring the Citruslabs Tested Seal. This seal serves as a badge of scientific validation, and products bearing it are more likely to be trusted and tried by consumers.

Why This Matters for Your Brand

In an industry as competitive as wellness, understanding consumer behavior isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential. Your marketing strategy needs to pivot toward what consumers are demanding: transparency, authenticity, and scientific substantiation. Your brand can no longer rely on flashy buzzwords or vague claims. This era demands evidence-based marketing, and Citruslabs is here to guide you through it.

Dive Deeper into Consumer Insights

What we’ve shared here is just the tip of the iceberg. Our full report dives deeper into these insights, offering a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior across different demographics. This knowledge is power – power that can transform your brand's strategy and communication.

Align your brand with your consumer's expectations. Download the full report now and start making data-driven decisions that resonate with your audience. Remember the consumer's voice is the ultimate guide. Listen closely, and let Citruslabs lead the way.


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