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How Virtual Trials are Customizable

Virtual, decentralized clinical trial models are growing in popularity -- and for good reason. Digital CROs like Citruslabs offer brands a more personalized clinical research experience. One of the major benefits of opting for a virtual trial model includes increased customization of trials to your brand’s specific needs and goals.

What is a Virtual Clinical Trial?

Virtual clinical trials, also known as remote or decentralized clinical trials, refer to a modern approach to conducting clinical trials in which traditional, site-based processes are replaced or supplemented by remote technologies and methods.

These trials use digital tools, AI, and decentralized data collection methods to allow participants to engage in the study from their homes or other convenient locations, reducing the need for frequent in-person visits to clinical trial sites.

Customizable Features

We understand that one size does not fit all, and our approach to virtual trials is designed to be as flexible as your unique study requirements. We never use templates for our study design. They're always based on a brand's needs. These key features can be customized to your specific goals, product type, or timeline.

Remote Participant Engagement:

Example: Let's say your study requires a niche demographic that might be challenging to find in one centralized, physical location. Citruslabs can recruit study participants from practically any location, so you're not limited to results that come from one location.

Flexible Digital Data Collection:

Example: Your study demands real-time insights into participants' daily activities. Citruslabs customizes digital data collection by integrating wearable devices and mobile apps to capture continuous, objective data, offering a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of participant health and behaviors.

Decentralized Site Functions:

Example: In cases where centralized testing is impractical, Citruslabs strategically decentralizes site functions. This may involve collaborating with local healthcare facilities for sample collection or leveraging at-home services for certain assessments, ensuring the trial's smooth progression without compromising data quality.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:

Example: Your study may require a cost-effective solution without compromising efficiency. Citruslabs optimizes trial timelines and budgets by incorporating virtual components, minimizing the logistical challenges associated with site-based trials, and accelerating the overall research process.

Digital Trials and Brand Accessibility

Because digital trials can take place mostly or entirely online, they are more accessible to patients which in turn makes them more accessible to your brand. We can offer digital CRO services to a much wider range of brands than we would be able to with centralized trials, meaning that no matter where you are or how feasible travel is for you, clinical research is not out of reach for your brand.

Our Brand Partnerships Benefit Your Clinical Trial

We aim to make clinical research as accessible as possible to the widest range of brands and patients that we can. To achieve this, we've partnered with leading brands and organizations in the industry. Brands like:

As technology and methodologies continue to advance, virtual trials are becoming an increasingly viable and attractive option for certain types of clinical research.

Additionally, digital CROs save your brand money and time by automating a variety of processes (such as patient intake information storage, surveys, and study material shipments.) This means we can provide budget-friendly clinical research options that are attainable to a wider range of brands.

Up next, learn the differences between two major study designs that can inform your conversation with our partnership team as you get started.

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