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J&J vaccine protects against breakthrough Covid-19

A recent report from Johnson and Johnson has confirmed data from a real-world study, demonstrating their single-shot Covid-19 vaccine offers robust protection for up to six months.

The study assessed the Odds Ratio (OR) of breakthrough infections as well as hospitalization and ICU admission across the three vaccines that are FDA approved in the United States. OR is compared in the first month after vaccination, through the next several months in order to detect waning protection of an inoculation (indicated by an OR of greater than one.)

For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, preliminary effectiveness in the first month was reported at 81% for preventing hospitalizations. Further, there was no evidence of reduced protection in the first three months after full vaccination. However, a “modest reduction” in effective protection was observed in the fourth month of the study.

The company officially stated that their vaccine has an effectiveness of around 80% for up to six months after the single dose.

Their research team also pointed out their vaccine’s potency against new and developing variants of the virus:

“We previously reported that our vaccine induces a strong antibody response, as well as an especially strong increase in T-cells, that is consistent across variants, including Omicron.”

The study comes on the heels of a Phase II trial in which the J&J booster shot was effective at increasing antibody and T-cell responses when delivered six months after someone has received a full two-dose vaccination by Pfizer.

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