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Nanotechnology in Cosmetics and Skincare

When you hear the phrase nanotechnology, skincare and makeup probably aren’t the first things that spring to mind. Nanotechnology covers a wide field and has been incorporated into cosmetics in various forms. Today, we’ll dig into the applications and uses for nanotechnologies in cosmetics, including some of the most common products you can find them in.

What are Nanotechnologies?

Nanotechnologies are the use of nanoscale-size materials in order to create products that perform more efficiently. They can be found in more and more modern skincare and cosmetics formulas as the technology improves, and yield longer-lasting effects and deeper skin absorption than traditional ingredients.

Nanotechnologies in Cosmetics

Cosmetic formulas have begun incorporating nanotechnologies in recent years in order to improve the performance of products in a variety of ways.

Nanotechnologies in cosmetics take the form of pigments, binding ingredients, and emollients. These can lend longer-lasting color, smoother and silkier powder finishes, and more pigmented color payoffs.

Nanotechnologies in Skincare

The trendiest nanotechnology in skincare and cosmetics is micellar technology. Micellar technology involves a process called nanoemulsion, which creates nanoparticles with high surface areas that are able to bind with bioactive components and more effectively transport them away from or onto the skin.

Micellar formulas are often found as oil in water nanoemulsion products, including micellar waters, makeup removers, cleansers, facial wipes, and more. These formulas are so effective because the micellar nanoparticles are able to bind with impurities on the skin and remove makeup, oil, and pollution from deep within the pores.

Other nanotechnologies are used in skincare to achieve higher SPF, deeper ingredient penetration, and longer-lasting moisturization and plumping effects.

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