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AstraZeneca drug effective in Breast Cancer

AstraZeneca received positive news from the late-stage clinical trial of its drug, Enhertu, used to treat metastatic (also known as stage IV) breast cancer. The treatment resulted in a “statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement” in the survival rates of people with this developed stage of breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer accounts for over half of all breast cancer cases and occurs when cancer has spread to vital organs in addition to the breast tissue, detrimentally affecting the lungs, liver, brain, or bones. At present, there is no cure for this stage of cancer, though some patients have success with treatments such as chemotherapy and are able to extend their lives. Given the high prevalence of breast cancer, which causes around 685,000 deaths each year globally, any treatments which improve survival rates are highly valuable.

Enhertu demonstrated significant improvement in both progression-free survival (PFS rates) as well as overall survival rates, meeting the trial’s primary and secondary endpoints.

AstraZeneca worked alongside a Japanese firm to clinically test Enhertu, successfully demonstrating that the drug is the first of its kind to significantly benefit patients of metastatic cancer. Executives from both firms anticipate the drug becoming a staple in breast cancer treatment.

Following the release of the trial’s significant data, AstraZeneca’s shares increased by 4 percent, demonstrating the anticipated hike in the value of the breakthrough drug.

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