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News: AstraZeneca drug shows high PFS in Breast cancer

AstraZeneca has created a breast cancer treatment with Daiichi Sankyo, called Enhertu (trastuzmab deruxtecan.) The latest data has shown a high rate of progression-free survival (PFS) and objective response rate. Given that an estimated one in eight American women (or about 13%) will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, new treatments are incredibly significant.

The co-developed drug is a HER2-directed antibody-drug conjugate, which is being tested in a multi-center open-label randomized clinical trial. Currently, efficacy and safety are being tested against another drug using trastuzumab in combination with emtansine instead (T-DM1). The Enhertu is so far outperforming T-DM1.

The current clinical trial has enrolled a total of 500 people with metastatic breast cancer who had already received treatment with trastuzumab in combination with taxane.

The primary endpoint of this Phase III trial was Progression-Free Survival, while other goals were included such as overall survival rates and the duration of remission periods. In subgroups set out at the beginning of the trial, PFS and ORR are higher than they were with T-DM1 receiving patients.

Enhertu appears to offer a median of 15 months of progression-free survival, compared with the other treatment’s 3 month PFS rate. The drug also boats an ORR of over 67% in comparison to the other treatment’s 20.5%.

The safety of the new combination drug is so far in line with previous studies done on trastuzumab alone with no new safety issues or severe adviser effects reported.

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