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Curebase develops Online Platform for Seniors

Partnering with CoBTek, Curebase is carrying out a clinical trial to analyze remote interventions that could monitor the progress of elderly people medically while allowing them to remain autonomous.

The project will integrate various healthcare and social services to work together on solutions for the lives of the elderly, with the goal of enabling people to live healthily at home for longer instead of going to nursing homes or other specialized care.

The clinical trial will be sponsored by the European cross-border cooperation program and will enroll over 100 subjects for this stage. Subjects will be from a combination of rural and urban areas to diversify the sample population.

Initially, focus groups were used to decide on the target population’s requirements. Following this, various technology solutions and physical, cognitive, and social stimulation routines were tested out in a clinical setting to identify possible intervention strategies.

Now, a home-based remote clinical trial will try the same strategies in an attempt to boost senior citizens’ autonomy. The trial’s decentralized nature may help to recruit a more representative sample, as people can become involved from a variety of locations.

Want to Learn More?

In addition to keeping you up to date on all things clinical trials, we also act as a digital CRO with a specific focus on patient recruitment and retention. We believe that patient recruitment and study startup (especially study design and study material) are heavily intertwined. After all, study design can make or break clinical trials, and the patient perspective should be considered when designing studies to ensure that patient targets are met not only on time but also on budget.

For Citruslabs, patient recruitment starts with study design and ends with trial completion. We recruit patients through our network of health apps, which enables you to connect with thousands of patients in real-time. The best part: these patients are already educated and prepared for the clinical trial process.

If you’d like to hear more about what we do, go here to read about what sets us apart, or here to read what our patients have to say about us.


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