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News: Italian narsoplimab study boosts Covid-19 survival

Omeros is assessing narsoplimab in the I-SPY COVID-19 Trial for critically ill Covid-19 patients in Italy. The trial has reported an 80% rate of recovery, survival and discharge in their clinical trial of 10 subjects receiving the treatment under compassionate use.

The trial has taken place in Bergamo, Italy and enrolled subjects who were afflicted by the second covid-19 surge in the country. The treatment was given between October 2020 and April 2021, and was delivered as a twice-weekly intravenous dose. Participants had a median age of 65, with a median of six doses given.

The cohort enrolled patients with comorbidities that might impact survival ratings or overall outcome, such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. Of the cohort, 8-% were in severe acute respiratory distress at the time of admission to the intensive care unit and intubation.

Of the two deaths reported, both had pre-existing illnesses and experienced complications as a result of their conditions. One also only received the treatment 13 days after his initial intubation.

The chairman and CEO of Omeros, Gregory Demopulos stated in an interview with clinical trials arena: “Unlike other drugs for Covid-19, narsoplimab targets the inflammatory endothelial disease – a central driver across variants.”

The treatment comes alongside a shifting global focus toward therapeutics to combat hospitalization and deaths following Covid-19 contraction.

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