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Paws, Play, and Peace of Mind: Kimmy’s Journey with Anxiety and Supplements

Hi everyone! I’m Rogelio Arellano, Chief Technology Officer at Citruslabs. Today, I'd like to introduce you to my furry friend Kimmy. 

She's a Teacup Yorkie, barely tipping the scales at 4.5 lbs, and she's celebrating her 6th birthday this coming March. Kimmy's a tiny creature with lots of energy and a playful spirit. 

Her favorite thing in the world is going to the park. She tries her best to chase birds, but her little legs can't quite keep up with her ambition, which just adds to her charm. I often get compliments when walking her in the park; many people approach her to pet her, and she loves this too. She also knows quite a few tricks, like how to spin, sit still, and play dead, especially when she knows there are treats involved.

The story of how Kimmy came into my life is a bit unexpected. Originally, she was under the care of my sister, but circumstances changed, and she could no longer care for Kimmy. That's when I stepped in, and I adopted her. It's been an amazing journey. Kimmy has this way of making sure she's always by my side, whether I'm working or just hanging around the house. Her presence is comforting, even if she's just snoozing on my lap. Many times she snores which makes me grin and smile.

You’re not leaving, are you?

However, Kimmy is not without her challenges. She's an anxious and nervous dog, particularly when she senses a change in routine, like when I'm about to leave the house or if there's a road trip on the horizon. She hops inside my backpack to make sure she’s not left behind. She can tell when something's up the moment I start packing, responding with barks and shakes, a clear sign of her nervousness. 

This was especially evident on our drives to visit family, where her anxiety would be at an all-time high, marked by constant whimpering. It was heartbreaking to see her like this, which prompted me to look for solutions. After doing some research online, I found special treats designed to help with her anxiety. Now, before every trip, I make sure Kimmy gets her treats, which have made a world of difference. Our road trips have transformed from stressful situations to enjoyable adventures for both of us.

Seeing the positive impact of these calming treats on Kimmy has made me a firm believer in the importance of pet health products. It wasn't too long ago that options were limited, often inconvenient, and not always palatable for our furry friends. Now, the market is expanding, offering a variety of products that cater to different needs, making it easier to ensure our pets are happy, healthy, and at ease.

Citrusabs will help brands expand access in the market

I'm genuinely excited about Citruslabs venturing into pet health and wellness. The advancements in this area not only promise a better quality of life for our pets but also peace of mind for pet owners. Knowing that there are effective, enjoyable options out there for managing pet health and anxiety is incredibly reassuring. Here's to more advancements in pet wellness and to more happy, healthy years with Kimmy.

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