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Review of 2022 Skincare Trends

The last year has been a big one for skincare brands, and we’ve rounded up some of the biggest skin-forward trends that have emerged throughout 2022. From clean beauty to “slugging,” we’ve covered the three trends we heard the most about.

Clean Beauty

We have touched on clean beauty previously on the blog, as it’s a trend that’s blown up across the internet and beauty counters alike. When it comes to skincare, clean beauty centers around minimal ingredients, as few preservatives as possible, and simplistic routines.

Additionally, clean beauty products avoid irritating or comedogenic ingredients, including any that have been cited as causing short or long-term harm to your body. These can be synthetic materials and chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances or colorings. The ingredient lists on clean beauty products tend to veer more towards botanically derived components, though they may not be 100% free of synthetic alternatives.


Slugging is perhaps the strangest skincare trend that has overtaken TikTok and Reddit this past year. As the name suggests, it makes your face look as slimy as a slug -- but only overnight! Slugging involves applying a thick layer of Vaseline or another petroleum-based moisturizer and leaving it on overnight to rehydrate your skin.

This trend has risen in popularity through the winter months especially, with many people claiming that it eases the dry, tight skin feeling that the harsher weather often causes.

Inside out Beauty

The final trend we’ve noticed this year is a focus on beauty from the inside out. There has been a steady rise in the number of supplement brands creating products designed to improve one’s complexion.

Retinol supplements, collagen powders that you can stir into your coffee, and even antioxidant green blends are all being marketed as skincare that you can incorporate into your diet. We have even worked with a few of these brands, including Embody. Embody created a retinol gummy that is designed to address the signs of premature aging as well as adult acne, from within.

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