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Snail Mucin skincare Health claims

With the recent rise in popularity of K-Beauty and J-Beauty, one somewhat unusual skincare ingredient has come into the spotlight: snail mucin (that is, snail slime.)

Snail mucin is known for health claims such as moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The ingredient may help to boost collagen production and aid in blemish healing and skin regeneration.

The Research

Snail Mucin is a substance that is excreted by snails when they experience stress, and is sometimes denoted on skincare products as “SSF.” This is important because the substance is chemically designed to protect the snail and encourage healing, hence its benefits in doing the same for human skin.

Research suggests one of the key ingredients in snail Mucin, Allantoin, is able to soothe irritation, smooth out the skin and stimulate cell regeneration.

The ingredient also contains vitamins and minerals that are vital to skin healing, such as zinc and manganese, as well as Vitamin A and E. This combination is anti-inflammatory and may boost skin elasticity, as well as restore collagen.

The Verdict

Snail mucin, while it may seem unusual, seems to be packed with vitamins, minerals, and other healing compounds that could deliver a healthy dose of moisture to your skincare routine. It is safe to use once or twice daily, in combination with many other skincare staples like VItamin C and Glycolic acid. Look into popular K-Beauty Snail Mucin moisturizers or serums to give the ingredient a try.

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