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Southern Cross University starts CBD Sleep Study

Based in Australia, Southern Cross University has just launched a clinical trial to study the impacts of over the counter CBD supplements on sleep disturbances in healthy subjects.

CBD, derived from the cannabis plant possesses no psychoactive properties and has been shown to improve symptoms of a number of conditions. You can read more about the current research into CBD to treat various ailments, here.

The study will involve 438 healthy volunteers with self-reported sleep disturbances. The clinical research study will evaluate the efficacy of a CBD extract (Ananda hemp) in comparison to a placebo. The research is funded by Australian domestic hemp company, Ecofibre.

The study will be a randomized, placebo-controlled trial. The subjects, aged 18-65, all self-report bad sleep quality, such as issues in falling asleep and staying asleep as well as waking up much earlier than desired.

The study timeline involves a two week period of all subjects taking the assigned product in order to assess appropriate dosage, followed by eight weeks of taking the proper dose and assessing the quality of sleep and participants’ wellbeing.

The Ananda product is a low-dose CBD supplement delivered in a botanical soft gel.

This trial follows the 2020 decision by the Therapeutic Goods Association to downgrade low-dose CBD supplements from a Schedule 4 (prescription only) medicine, to a Schedule 3 (pharmacist only) medicine.

Want to Learn More?

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