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Vote for Your Favorite Wellness Brand!

In an overcrowded market often clouded by vague promises and trendy jargon like "clean" or "natural," a new chapter is unfolding that promises to shine a light on truth in the wellness industry. This year, Citruslabs, in collaboration with Birdhill Studios, launches the inaugural Brand of the Year award, a testament to the power of science-backed product claims in the wellness sector.

At a time when authenticity and verifiable benefits are more valued than ever, this award honors brands that stand behind their products with integrity while building trust with consumers.

Nominated Brands for Brand of the Year 2024

Among the esteemed nominees are brands that have adhered to the principle of evidence-based claims. These brands, Chef V, GEM, and Playground, represent the pinnacle of what it means to offer products that genuinely contribute to the well-being of their users.

Tested Product: 21-Day Detox

Chef V brings a refreshing approach to wellness with its unique green drink, promising a blend of seven super greens designed to detoxify and energize the body. Unlike the myriad of green juices flooding the market, Chef V's commitment to fresh, organic ingredients and a science-backed formulation sets it apart as a trusted brand of health and transparent.

Tested product: Citrus Ginger Daily Essential

GEM takes nutrition back to the basics with its whole-food vitamin bites. By eschewing synthetic ingredients and embracing the power of real food, GEM offers a daily nutritional supplement that's as close to nature as possible, a true gem in the cluttered world of dietary supplements.

Tested product: Love Sesh

Playground, with its playful approach to sexual wellness, brings a highly effective range of five-sense-pleasing products to the bedroom. Playground's offerings aren't just good for the body but the planet as well, making it a standout contender for the eco-conscious wellness consumer who wants a guilt-free plesure sesh.

The voting period begins February 5th and ends February 29th. Support your favorite brand, or discover a new one. All of these brands can stand behind a Citruslabs-tested product with confidence.

Citruslabs and Birdhill Studios offer invaluable support to wellness brands looking to elevate their presence with quality content and research-backed claims. Their expertise in crafting compelling narratives and engaging visual content ensures that the essence of each brand is communicated with clarity and creativity.

Why vote?

The winning brand will be recognized for its commitment to scientific integrity and will also receive an exclusive content package from Birdhill. This includes professional photoshoots, stop-motion videos, and customized content, setting the stage for the brand to further polish their brand image and reach more people who value clinically-backed products.

Let's rally behind these brands who are paving the way forward. Which brand do you believe is making the most significant impact on wellness with science-backed claims? Cast your vote and be part of a movement that values truth in the pursuit of health and well-being.


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