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What does it mean to be Patient-Centric?

We pride ourselves on offering patient-centric patient recruitment services, as well as digital clinical research organization services. With digital clinical trials especially, it’s vital to focus on keeping our patients’ best interests at heart, and to ensure we maintain excellent communication with them despite often not having office visits. Today, we’ll talk about what it actually means to be patient centric, and why it’s so important in clinical research.

What does “Patient-Centric” mean?

In medicine, patient-centric practices are those that center their work around the patients involved. In clinical trials specifically, these processes involve getting feedback from real patients and their loved ones, and aligning decisions with the needs and preferences that they express towards research or their care.

Why does it matter?

Patient centered approaches are so important because patients are the ones directly affected by research and the results of clinical trials. It also provides several benefits for clinical research organizations and their customers. For instance, these practices usually result in greater engagement with patients as well as stakeholders, which can in turn lower overall expenses.

Patients are also more likely to stay in clinical research when it makes them feel valued and listened to, meaning your retention rates will be higher too. For patients, the result is better care, and better results during treatment as well as after discharge. For researchers, choosing a patient-centric CRO or patient recruitment service will give your research a competitive edge, and encourage patients to participate in your research.

Here at Citruslabs, we value the feedback we get from the patients in our studies. They enable us to take part in the advance of medicine, and are key to everything we do. If you’d like to read patient testimonials from people we’ve worked with, you can do so here.

Want to learn more?

In addition to keeping you up to date on all things clinical trials, we also act as a digital CRO with a specific focus on patient recruitment and retention. We believe that patient recruitment and study startup (especially study design and study material) are heavily intertwined. After all, study design can make or break clinical trials, and the patient-perspective should be considered when designing studies to ensure that patient targets are met not only on time, but also on budget.

For Citruslabs, patient recruitment starts with study design and ends with trial completion. We recruit patients through our network of health apps, which enables you to connect with thousands of patients in real time. The best part: these patients are already educated and prepared for the clinical trial process.

If you’d like to hear more about what we do, go here to read about what sets us apart, or here to read what our patients have to say about us.


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