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Why Patient Profiles Matter in Recruitment

It is clear that study Sponsors and CROs try very hard to reduce false assumptions during the anticipation of recruitment rates for their trials. Unfortunately, it comes repeatedly to wrong assessments of the recruitment situation, which can be a reason for trial delays.

Patient Profiles can help you to reduce speculations and win the game of patient recruitment.

When you prepare the study protocol, you specify inclusion and exclusion criteria. But do you also know how many of these “ideal subjects” are existing - worldwide or in the country where your trial takes place? And, do you know how many of these individuals live near your study sites?

When recruiting with CitrusLabs, we will create for everyone of our referrals a specific patient profile, including:

Condition and Key Demographic Information (such as Location, Age, Gender, Race); as well as dynamic cognitive data, such as the Mini Mental State Examination and Clinical Dementia Rating.

Through this very data-driven approach, we can already pre-qualify patients from our database to your clinical trial, and can give you clear answer to how many qualified patients are within your area.

This enables us to recruit more patient faster with less errors in the actual on-site screening process.

Do you want to know how many qualifying patients are in the area of your site? Contact us today to get exact numbers.


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