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Women’s Health Week: Supplements for PMS

As we explored earlier this week, there are a plethora of natural supplement ingredients recommended for women’s health issues. This extends to PMS and Period symptoms, with many clinical studies currently researching natural alternatives to pain killers for uncomfortable symptoms. To read about one of these studies that we conducted, read about our clinical trial with Semaine here.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common natural ingredients in supplements for PMS and Period symptoms, including some of those that Semaine used in developing their clinically-backed PMS supplement!


This tree is one of the most common ingredients in supplements for women’s health and fitness. Several studies, including a 2013 literature review, indicate its effectiveness in relieving painful physical symptoms of PMS, including breast pain and headaches.

The chasteberry may also help with gastrointestinal upset and even soothe mood swings.

Vitamin B6

As this essential nutrient is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, it is no surprise that it’s a frequent feature of natural supplements targeting the mood swings of PMS. The vitamin has been shown to improve the psychological symptoms of PMS and other hormonal disruptions in women, including irritability, low mood, and anxiety.


Low levels of magnesium have been linked to PMS symptoms in women, and its thought that taking a magnesium supplement may help to fill in any dietary gaps for those who experience moderate symptoms. Magnesium supplementation can improve psychological symptoms such as depression, and anxiety, as well as physical symptoms such as breast pain and bloating.

Vitamin D

Used by Semaine in their PMS and Period support supplement, Vitamin D is putatively linked to the body's absorption of calcium and one’s overall mood. Given that hormonal imbalances, including heavy periods or the changes that occur during menopause, can lead to bone density issues, it’s important for women to attain adequate Vitamin D alongside their calcium intake.

Vitamin D may also help to improve symptoms of low mood or irritability.

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