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Biotech cuts price per 

enrollment patient in half

with Citruslabs

Sponsor: 7 sites US-wide

Indication: Sarcopenia

Referrals ordered: 400

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"The quality of the patients was fantastic. Initially, it's a high price tag but definitely paid off, as screenings & enrollments increased. Plus, the staff wastes fewer hours of their day calling unqualified leads."

CEO, Biotech



A biotechnology company on a tight budget needed a cost-effective way to fill their clinical trial researching sarcopenia. The central-ad campaign the company was running did provide a high number of leads, but individuals were unqualified and sites were frustrated to call these unqualified leads, wasting countless hours of their workday. 


To boost qualified referrals, Citruslabs carefully educated and pre-screened each patient referral via their health app network. To do this, Citruslabs dug deep into the data these apps produced to find the best possible patient matches for the biotech company. Citruslabs specifically screened for demographic, as well as medical data points. 


The biotechnology company saw a steep increase in satisfaction amongst their sites regarding the quality of patient referrals and was very pleased with their investment in Citruslabs, due to fantastic results. Citruslabs was not only able to deliver high-quality patient leads but also saved the biotech company several months on their recruitment timeline. 

5.5 months

Saved on recruitment timeline


Price reduction for enrolled patients


Overall enrollment rate

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