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Tested products

We are proud to partner with world-leading brands to validate their products with clinical research. Citruslabs brings together everything that is required to complete a successful clinical trial, from start to finish. Find out more about our partner brands and their results below. 

Note: Not all clients decide to share results publicly. The list below is not an exhaustive list of all tested products.


Tested product

ASYSTEM follows a unique Functional By Design® Methodology, which is utilized across all products. It merges a formulation approach combining cutting-edge clinical ingredients with the best that nature has to offer, along with a design approach rooted in behavioural psychology.

Complete Calm System




Tested product

Poor sexual health and low sexual desire can be attributed to many factors, including physical, psychological, relationship, and lifestyle factors. Poor sexual health can negatively affect overall well-being, and therefore Foria has developed a range of consumer products to increase sexual desire, satisfaction, and comfort for women.

Arousal Oil with CBD
Intimacy Melts with CBD
Intimacy Breast Oil


Sexual Health


Tested product

Arrae was founded by Siff Haider and Nish Samantray on the simple principle to help women feel their best so that they can be their best. The company created 100% natural supplements for modern women because you should eat what you want - whether that means a salad with Brussels sprouts or a pizza.

Arrae Calm + Arrae Bloat


Women's health


Tested product

Auria’s mission is to empower people to take their self-care and beauty routines into their own hands. Prioritizing self-care over beauty, they bring effective and enjoyable DIY spa experiences home so you can enjoy me time, anytime.

Vita Trio


Skin health

Beekeeper’s Naturals

Tested product

Beekeeper's Naturals offers a range of natural health products made from bee-derived ingredients. They’re known for their focus on sustainable beekeeping practices and creating high-quality, ethically sourced products.

3-IN-1 Complete Gut Health


Gut Health


Tested product

Apart from being known for their toothpaste bites, they developed a deodorant, that is, exactly like their toothpaste, 100% plastic-free. And it is the first deodorant that achieved this. While developing their deodorant, which comes in many amazing scents, they worked with perfumers committed to transparency to create one-of-a-kind scents while focusing on sustainability and environmental practices.

Bite Deodorant




Tested product

While Cardon’s line is suitable for all skin types, their formulations are specifically designed with men’s skincare concerns top-of-mind. With the power of Korean innovation, they can help you navigate your personal care journey with top-shelf products—without top-shelf prices.

Purifying Clay Cleanser
Toner Wipes
Dark Circle Eye Rescue
SPF+ Moisturizer
HydroBoost Gel Moisturizer


Men's skincare

Chef V

Tested product

Chef V is a thriving blended juice cleanse company offering a variety of cleansing options. Chef V has kitchens across America. Their delicious, life-changing, certified organic green juices, protein shakes and detox soups are made daily and delivered to your front door, fresh.

Chef V's 21-Day Detox & Green Drink Supplement


Weight loss

Chemist Confessions

Tested product

Chemist Confessions is the brainchild of two skincare formulation chemists who met while working for an international beauty conglomerate. United by their frustrations with the beauty industry, they created a skincare science blog, which later evolved into an educational platform and skincare line. Their mission is to empower consumers with accessible science education, making skin science fun and approachable, and to provide user-friendly skincare solutions that address gaps in the industry.

Double Play




Tested product

ColonBroom aims to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives with ColonBroom Premium, a supplement to support digestive health.

ColonBroom Premium


Digestive Health

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