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Study on Josh Rosebrook's Ultra Peptide Cream by Citruslabs

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Josh Rosebrook

This study provides user perception data on the ability of Josh Rosebrook Ultra Peptide Cream to improve user perception of their skin health and quality.

What is the Ultra Peptide Cream?

Ultra Peptide Cream includes three biomimetic peptides, two botanical-based polypeptides, ceramides, niacinamide, fatty acids, postbiotics, amino acids, minerals

How was the Ultra Peptide Cream tested?

We worked with Josh Rosebrook on a consumer perception study to test their Ultra Peptide Cream. 35 people participated, all aged 40-70, each reporting aged skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Turning Participant Feedback into Statistics

Product claims that tout the quantifiable effects of a product are memorable and impactful for consumers. For example, a claim may state that "90%" of study participants saw improvements in a given area of skin health or appearance. How do you create these kinds of claims for your products?
Enter: Clinical Research. Clinical trials and other studies are the only way to generate these numerical claims about your formula's performance. You must have concrete study data in order to create statistical statements about the effects of your product. Luckilly, this kind of research is easilly attainable with the help of contract research organizations (CROs) such as Citruslabs.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Josh Rosebrook and Other Brands

Josh Rosebrook provides a great example of the importance of clinical research for skincare brands. Their study resulted in quanitifable product claims about users' experiences, which can now be part of their marketing efforts. Clinical studies by brands are crucial to maintaining regulatory approval and appealing to customers through scientific validation and brand authenticity.

Study results for Josh Rosebrook's Ultra Peptide Cream

Josh Rosebrook

Participants applied the test product twice daily to their faces for 8 weeks. Studies were completed after 2, 4, and 8 weeks of product use. Ultra Peptide Cream effectively improves participants' perception of skin health.

About Citruslabs

Clinical trials for consumer brands 

Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for your brand. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

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