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Study on Pure for Men's Supplements by Citruslabs

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Pure for Men

Pure for Men is an independent, minority-owned, and founder-controlled business of friends based in Austin, Texas. They work to provide high-quality wellness products that promote cleanliness, sexual empowerment, and confidence from the inside out. Every individual within the LGBTQIA+ community should feel confident, and Pure for Men creates products can help you get there.

Wellness Products for Good Health and a Good Time

RESET may help you feel lighter, have less bloating, help with weight management, boost energy, and help you feel less sluggish.

STAY READY FIBER may help with digestive regularity, help to solidify stools, help with hangovers, and reduce prep time for intimacy.

Taking the T-SUPPORT capsules may lead to an increase in sexual drive, feeling more energized in day-to-day activities and during workouts, enhanced stamina and endurance, feeling more confident overall, and feeling ready during intimacy.

PUMP ENHANCER capsules may lead to increased sexual arousal, improved sexual function, and positive enhancements in vascular outcomes in the gym and bedroom.

How were the supplements tested?

In this 84-day study, 36 male participants evaluated the efficacy of four supplements: RESET, STAY READY FIBER, PUMP ENHANCER, and T-SUPPORT in improving participants’ readiness for intimacy and overall sex life and improving general health outcomes such as gut health, stamina, energy levels, and mood. The supplements were taken subsequently for different periods over the 84-day trial.

Why test sexual health products?

People are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of taking care of all aspects of their health and well-being, to improve readiness for sexual intimacy. This is reflected in the large amounts of supplements that can be bought in stores or online that claim to be sexual enhancement products. Validating their safety and efficacy is important for promoting overall health and consumer trust.

Promoting Well-Being and Equity in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Understanding and addressing men's sexual health issues can lead to improved overall well-being and quality of life for men. In the LGBTQIA+ community, studying men's sexual health can also have broader societal benefits, such as reducing the stigma surrounding sexual health issues, increasing awareness about safe sex practices, and promoting gender equity in healthcare by addressing the unique needs of this community.

Study Results for Pure for Men's Supplements

Pure for Men

RESET significantly improved energy levels, while STAY READY FIBER improved confidence and readiness for intimacy, reduced intimacy preparation time, and reduced participants’ hangover severity. PUMP ENHANCER effectively improved a range of parameters associated with participants’ mood and intimacy, and participants were satisfied with the effects of combining STAY READY FIBER and PUMP ENHANCER supplements. Finally, T-SUPPORT improved endurance and confidence.

Participants were also positive about the products, with the majority reporting they would continue using the products and recommend them to a friend.

About Citruslabs

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Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for your brand. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

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