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Study on Sonage's Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel by Citruslabs

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Sonage, a distinguished brand with over 20 years of success in the skincare industry, embraces the heritage of European skincare traditions. Emphasizing the use of premium, luxurious natural ingredients, and collaborating with renowned scientists, Sonage strikes a balance between skincare science and the healing properties of Mother Nature. They meticulously manufacture their products in small batches every ninety days, allowing them to incorporate new research. Sonage has perfected revolutionary formulas that harness the power of botanicals, active plant enzymes, and pure essential oils, eschewing harsh chemicals to deliver remarkable results that promote beauty, health, and radiance.

What is the Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel?

This formulation combines Salicylic acid, Bacillus ferment (postbiotics) and Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid loosens dead cells and keep the skin free of buildup providing a brighter looking complexion. The Bacillus Ferment extract complements it by reducing the sebaceous secretions and oiliness. Diatomaceous Earth reduces oils while exfoliating the skin.

Acne Skincare Product Claims

When it comes to acne, many people are desperate for a quick fix or an easy solution to the often confidence-disrupting blemishes. However the reality is that consistency is key with most skincare solutions. This makes it even more important for skincare brands offering acne fighting products to conduct extensive, longitudinal research on their products to ensure that their effects over time are validated.

Images in Skincare Trials

Many skincare brands will opt to use professional skin imaging and skin grading in their clinical research. This is an excellent tool for brands who want to capture definitive evidence that their formula has an observable effect on skin health and appearance. Plus, with participant consent, any before and after images collected can be used in visually marketing your formulas.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Sonage and Other Brands

Sonage's research with us is a great example of a skincare brand being proactive about bolstering their product claims with clinical studies. They are now able to use the images and claims from their study on their website to market their acne-targetting skincare transparently and effectively.

Study results for Sonage's Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel


The vast majority of participants noticed their active breakouts drying within 24 hours, without any excessive dryness to the rest of their skin. They reported that their pimples looked less noticeable after using the acne gel.

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