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With our monthly webinars, you'll learn how to keep your brand compliant with product claim regulations, review case studies, hear from industry experts, and more.


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Who should attend our webinars?

Our webinars are for people like you who work behind the scenes for cosmetics, skincare, supplements, biotech, superfoods, and more. You should attend our educational webinars if your role is any of the following:

  • CEO or other C-suite executive

  • Marketing professional

  • Investor of a beauty or wellness company


Decisions about enrolling a brand's products in a clinical trial are typically made by representatives of the brand, such as executives or managers. These representatives may be responsible for evaluating the benefits and return on investment of enrolling the brand's products in a clinical trial, as well as the resources and budget required to do so. They may also consider the regulatory requirements and ethical considerations involved in conducting clinical research. If you’re interested in giving your brand a competitive edge in the highly competitive wellness and beauty market, attending a webinar is right for you.

Webinar benefits

What are the benefits of attending a webinar about clinical trials?

Improved understanding of the clinical trial process

Attending a webinar about clinical trials can help you better understand the process of working with Citruslabs for research-backed claims, including the regulatory requirements, ethical considerations, and timeline.

Insight into the brand benefits of clinical trials

A webinar about clinical trials can provide insight into the brand benefits of conducting clinical research for your wellness product, including providing evidence of the product's effectiveness and safety and improving its marketability.

Opportunity to ask questions

A webinar about clinical trials can provide an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on any aspects of the clinical trial process that you’re unsure about.

Networking opportunities

Attending a webinar about clinical trials can provide an opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry, including potential partners or vendors.

Setting expectations

What can I expect from attending a Citruslabs webinar?

Our webinars are hosted by Susanne Mitschke, CEO and co-founder of Citruslabs. She invites a guest speaker and they discuss a pre-set topic. The webinars are hosted on Luma where guests can interact with each other and the presenters. Susanne and her guest will present with slides for about 30 minutes and include 10 minutes in the end for live viewer questions. Overall, most webinars last between 40 and 60 minutes. After wrapping up, you'll receive an email with a recording of the webinar, any relevant links or resources that were discussed during the event, and a preview of next month's topic.

We strategically partner with experts in your industry to give you the information you need to drive business growth.


Hear from brands who have conducted clinical trials for their own products and learn how adding research-backed claims has driven sales and business growth. Our past speakers have shared their experiences and insights on the impact of clinical trials on their brand's success.

Want to be a guest on our next webinar or do you have an idea to share? Send us a message!

Jennifer Chung
Founder & CEO

Matt Crane, PhD
Co-founder & Head of Product

Cary Lin
Founder & CEO

Henry Simonds
General Manager

Heather Bustos


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