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Reality Check: 100% Results in Your Clinical Study Aren’t Realistic

Challenge your misconception of achieving "100% saw improvement after using this product" in clinical research after testing your product. Learn how to set realistic expectations and leverage nuanced results for more impactful product messaging.

Reality Check: 100% Results in Your Clinical Study Aren’t Realistic

About the webinar

About the webinar

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10:00 am PT

In the competitive landscape of wellness brands, there's a common misconception that clinical studies should yield claims with "100%" statements like, "100% of participants noticed smoother skin or Participants felt a 100% improvement in their focus". Even the high 90s isn't always realistic.

But if you you know your product works, then why wouldn't the results reflect that?

This webinar aims to provide a reality check for marketing professionals and founders of wellness brands who are curious about clinical trials. Led by industry experts, we'll delve into why expecting flawless results can be unrealistic and how embracing nuanced outcomes can lead to more effective product messaging. You'll gain valuable insights into setting accurate expectations and leveraging clinical data to strengthen your brand's credibility. Join us to recalibrate your approach to clinical studies and discover the true potential of your wellness products.

You'll learn:

- How results are calculated
- Consumer perception studies versus clinical trials
- Variables that impact final results
- How to craft a trustworthy story based on your results...even if they aren't what you expected

About the speaker

Susanne Mitschke


Susanne is passionate about supporting brands to achieve scientifically valid health claims and was named Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018 and 2020. Before Citruslabs, Susanne created the #1 health app for baby boomers called MindMate which has won multiple awards and is often titled "the ultimate Alzheimer's app".

​Citruslabs is the fastest-growing CRO (contract research organization) for brands.


Citruslabs' mission is to provide brands with affordable clinical studies to create research-backed product claims that drive business growth. Brands like HUM Nutrition, Supergut, Saie Beauty, Common Heir, and Your Super are trusting Citruslabs with their clinical studies.



Elevate Your Brand

At Citruslabs, we believe that clinical research is an essential part of the product development process, and we are committed to helping you leverage the power of clinical trials to improve your products and establish a science-forward image.

Our team of experienced professionals has a track record of successfully conducting clinical trials for brands in a wide range of beauty and wellness industries, and we are dedicated to helping you elevate your brand, expand your distribution channels, and outshine the competition.

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