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How to Improve Patient Engagement & Increase Study Adherence and Retention

Patient Engagement

We are taking a deeper look into patient engagement as an essential success factor for clinical trials and underline why higher engagement can lead to better adherence and retention.

Enhance your site through patient recruitment automation

Patient Engagement

In this white paper, we will look into how you can use patient recruitment automation for your site, patient recruitment automation strategies, and how to reduce patient drop-out rates through automation. 

A new Path to

Patient Recruitment

Patient Recruitment

This white paper elaborates on the reasons why clinical trial recruitment remains one of the biggest issues troubling our industry and suggests innovative ways of moving forward.

How to manage your reputation as a clinical trial site

Modernize your

Patient Experience

Patient Experience

The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a digital revolution. Virtual visits and telehealth are not only acceptable, but the pandemic also made them a necessity. 

Clinical Trial Sites

The reputation of your site is crucial for the success of your clinical trial site and also obtaining more business from sponsors and CROs. Learn how to manage your reputation and how to deal with patient feedback.