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Hundreds of research organizations of all sizes use Citruslabs’ digital CRO services and software to streamline their clinical trials, advance research, and drive revenue for their organization. We support you from study start-up to trial completion and everything in between. You just sit back, relax and watch your clinical trial come to life.

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The one place for all clinical trial needs

We designed a clinical trial process so easy, you might actually enjoy doing it. 

Citruslabs brings together everything that is required to conduct and manage successful clinical trials, from protocol design to participant enrollment and data analysis, offering you a hands-off, carefree approach to your clinical studies. Citruslabs’ products power clinical research for hundreds of organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to large sponsors, including many different industries and therapeutic areas, such as consumer brands, software companies, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, as well as biotech firms. We believe that the future of clinical trials is patient-centric and data-driven. 

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With over 250 research studies using the Citrus platform researchers are getting one step closer to finding new treatments for hundreds of different health conditions. 

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Why study sponsors love us

Faster, smarter, more cost-efficient clinical studies

Through technology and automation, we are setting new standards for clinical research and help our clients run faster and more cost-efficient clinical trials. Costly delays and mind-blowing budgets are a thing from the past. Plus, our platform allows you to offer a better patient experience and receive a higher quality of data in return. 

200+ clinical trials served

30+ indications covered

95% higher patient satisfaction score


The smartest way to find & retain participants for your study

Enrolling the right candidates on time has historically been a challenge for many clinical trials. We are committed to recruiting your study participants in a certain timeframe and in a cost-efficient way. Retention & study adherence is part of our DNA and our excellent retention numbers speak for themselves.

Frictionless data capturing & analysis

Our optimized data capturing is reliable and offers our clients a unique dataset to show the efficacy and safety of your products, drugs and medical devices. Regardless if you are following a centralized or decentralized approach to your clinical studies, you have 24/7 access to your data, which is consolidated in our easy-to-use platform.

Efficient, transparent study set-up and management

We provide you with a seamless experience from study start-up to completion. Our vast network of patients and healthy volunteers allows us to include unique insights into your study design and beyond. Monitoring, tracking and analyzing trial progress in real-time has never been easier; and starting your study has never been quicker.


How we can help your clinical trial come to life

Designed to accelerate your research from start to finish

With Citruslabs’ clinical trial platform, you can put the clinical trial process on autopilot and focus on driving revenue for your organization. We provide you with a full suite of products to conduct your clinical study: 

Study design

Patient recruitment

Protocol creation


IRB process


Data collection

Data analysis

Final report

Why Citruslabs

A technology-first approach to clinical research

Study startup that takes weeks, not months

Citruslabs has the expertise and insights to make designing your clinical study effortless. We are involving patients in the process from the start to set your study up for success. 

Access to world's largest patient data base

With over 25 million patients and healthy volunteers in our database, we fill your clinical trial in days, not months. Participants are educated on your studies and excited to make a difference. 

Study execution driven by software 

Through Citruslabs’ clinical trial platform you can capture data from multiple sources. Regardless if your trials are site-based, hybrid, or fully virtual, we got your back.

Ready to get started? Get in touch today and find out how we could partner with you.

We bring together everything that’s required to run successful clinical trials. Citruslabs products power research on a global scale.


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