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Clinical trials for:

supplements, skincare, devices,  
CBD, superfoods, and biotech


We provide clinical trials and consumer perception studies to consumer brands seeking research-backed product claims that drive business growth.

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Product claims

Create research-backed product claims without spending a fortune 

Citruslabs is the easiest way to get research-backed product claims! We offer everything that is required to conduct and manage successful clinical trials, from start to finish. We help you design your study, write the protocol, submit to IRB, recruit and manage your patients (or healthy volunteers) as well as collect and analyze the study data, offering you a hands-off approach to verified clinical trials. 

How we customize clinical research

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We design clinical trials that are right for you and your budget!

Citruslabs conducts clinical research for brands and biotechs of all sizes. We make it possible to create research-backed product claims quickly and affordably. We’re experts in designing budget-friendly clinical trials that don’t compromise on any step or quality, from planning to implementation. We believe in transparent communication throughout the whole process, and want to make sure you have the easiest and most rewarding clinical trial experience possible

Clinical trials

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are the backbone of medical research. They offer consumer brands an opportunity to gather science-backed data about their products’ performance. As a result, they can also help your brand with business growth through increased trust, website and ad conversions and wholesale listings, Clinical trials can follow fully virtual, site-based, or hybrid approaches - any of which we can help you with! We have experience in a wide variety of research and work with brands and biotechs alike. 

Clinical trials for supplements

We make conducting clinical trials for dietary supplements effortless. Clinical studies give consumers greater insight into how your product works with real people. We offer dietary supplement clinical trials that are tailored to your brand’s individual goals and research aims. Whether you want to be taken more seriously by the medical community or are looking for more wholesale listings to drive business growth, we’ve got your back and can manage your study from start to finish. 

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Skincare clinical trials

Most skincare, cosmetic and personal care products promise a lot, and brands often rely on customer reviews to help with credibility. However, most consumers also want to see that the claims you make are backed by research. Citruslabs offers clinical trials and perception studies to skincare brands looking to create science-backed claims for their products. Research-backed claims don’t just build trust, they also drive website and ad conversions that promote business growth.


Clinical trials for medical devices

Medical device clinical trials (MDCTs) can be exploratory (also called feasibility studies) to establish the preliminary safety and effectiveness of the device. They can also be pivotal, which is the study design used to gain regulatory approval, or they can be a post-market study, which is used to research long-term effects. We proudly offer our clinical trial services to companies creating medical devices to address a range of health concerns, from anxiety, to menopause to diabetes research.

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Get product claims in 3 easy steps

How do clinical trials work with Citruslabs?

Citruslabs provides you with an exceptional experience from study startup to trial completion. You can pick and choose which services you need from us to make your clinical trial a success. And, you'll get a neat report from us at the end. And, did we mention we’re budget-friendly? 


We design your clinical trial in a matter of weeks not months. Choose one of our templates or go with your own study design.

Study design

Clinical protocol development

Study material development

IRB process


We are really good at patient recruitment for clinical trials! We are fast, cost-efficient, and patient retention is part of our DNA!

Patient Recruitment

Participant retention

Participant retention

Study compliance


We ensure seamless data management, accurate analysis, and insightful study reports to create research-backed product claims that drive your business growth.


Tracker data

Before and after pictures

(Validated) questionnaires

Brands love Citruslabs

Citruslabs is revolutionizing how brands create research-backed product claims

Citruslabs is setting a new standard for creating research-backed product claims for consumer brands. Clinical trials don't have to be overly complex nor expensive in order to show that your products actually work. We created a clinical trial process so easy, you might actually enjoy doing it. But don't take it from us, see what Your Super accomplished during their clinical study: 

Case Study


Super food claims backed by clinical data


Study results: The 5-Day-Detox was effective at promoting gastrointestinal health both during the trial and for over two weeks after completion of the detox period.

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Providing brands with affordable clinical trials

Why Citruslabs for clinical trials?

Our mission is to provide brands with affordable clinical studies to create research-backed product claims that drive business growth. We’re the fastest-growing provider and we're trusted by large and small, venture-backed and bootstrapped brands. Running a company is hard enough, and our goal is to make clinical trials simple and affordable for your brand. That doesn’t mean that our studies are inferior, it just means that we make studies suck less.

We have worked in research for a long time and have seen study inefficiencies firsthand that cost a lot of money and time. We did not want to accept this status quo any longer and created Citruslabs. We are passionate about providing thoughtful, inclusive clinical trial services to brands and biotechs. Clinical trials don’t have to be complex. We simplify the process for you and make sure to get the data you need to create claims for your product packaging and marketing. With Citruslabs, you can expect that we take care of the whole study for you: 

Supported over 500 clinical trials

250,000 participants enrolled

Covering supplements, skincare, medical devices, CBD, pet wellness, and FDA-regulated products and treatments

97% of brands rated their experience with us as excellent

Ready to get research-backed product claims? Get in touch today and speak to one of our experts about your clinical trial needs. 

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We bring together everything that your brand needs to run successful clinical trials. Citruslabs’ products power research and your product claims, from study design to patient recruitment to trial completion. 

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