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Redefining clinical trials for biotechnology companies

At Citruslabs, we’re redefining biotech clinical trials with our full-service CRO expertise. Merging cutting-edge technology with deep industry knowledge, we tailor our services to meet the unique challenges of biotech research. Our approach accelerates trial timelines, reduces costs, and ensures precision in every study.

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Why Citruslabs

A hands-off approach to your clinical trials

Citruslabs leads with a technology-first philosophy, ensuring our biotech services are at the cutting edge. Our commitment to technological innovation permeates every aspect of our services, from advanced study design to data analysis. We employ the latest tools and techniques to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and speed in your biotech trials, setting a new standard in research quality and outcomes.

We make conducting clinical trials for biotech effortless

Transparent study start-up & trial execution

Embarking on a study with Citruslabs opens a door to innovation, setting us apart from traditional CROs. We meticulously tailor each study, ensuring a seamless startup experience, replete with our cutting-edge approach to clinical protocol development and streamlined IRB approvals. This non-traditional methodology permits real-time monitoring and tracking, allowing you to witness the evolution of your clinical trial from concept to reality, all within a predefined timeline.

Efficient participant recruitment 

At Citruslabs, clinical trial patient recruitment is a patient-first endeavor. Our vast database facilitates the efficient, cost-effective enrollment of ideal participants. Emphasizing a patient-first approach, we prioritize participant experience to ensure retention and compliance, crucial for successful trials. Recruitment at Citruslabs is an all-encompassing process, starting from the initial study design and continuing through to trial completion, reflecting our commitment to patient-centricity at every stage.

Frictionless data capturing & analysis

Citruslabs' approach in biotech data capturing focuses on providing comprehensive, scientifically rigorous datasets that emphasize the efficacy and safety of biotechnological innovations. Our reports are designed to be clear and accessible, enabling sponsors to communicate complex biotechnological data effectively to the target audience. This empowers sponsors to establish trustworthy data for their products.

How we can help your clinical trial come to life

Citruslabs is your digital CRO partner 

We know that conducting a clinical trial can be daunting - this is why we help you with every step of it: 

Study design

Study materiel development

Data collection/analysis

Clinical Protocol creation

Patient Recruitment/Retention

Laboratory services

IRB process & Site selection

Protocol Adherence/Compliance

Clinical report & claim examples

Hear from companies we worked with

Semaine uses Citruslabs to substantiate their product claims

The Challenge

Semaine’s primary goal was to be taken more seriously by the medical community. Secondary, the brand was also looking into increased website conversions and wholesale listings of their products. They were looking for a clinical trial partner to help them with substantiating product claims for their website and packaging, all while being on a budget. Apart from validated questionnaires, the studies also included a set of blood markers, as well as before and after pictures. 

The Solution

Semaine chose Citruslabs for its simplified and budget-friendly approach to clinical trials. Just 6 months after project kick-off, Semaine was able to publish product claims for their PMS pain relief product. The study helped Semaine to be taken more seriously by the medical community and drove business growth through increased website and ad conversions. Additionally, the study helped Semaine to have an easier conversation with wholesalers, and helped the brand to get listed at Target and Anthropology. Semaine also conducted a second study with Citruslabs, for their Daily Supplement, in which Citruslabs also provided before and after photos. 


Products used

Study design

IRB process

Patient recruitment

Patient adherence 

Data collection

Data analysis

Product claims

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