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Clinical trials for biotechnology companies

Our clinical trial services combine research expertise with industry-leading technology proven by hundreds of clinical studies. We help our biotechnology customers to conduct clinical trials from start to finish in a cost-effective manner. 

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Why Citruslabs

A hands-off approach to your clinical trials

Citruslabs is a digital full-service CRO (contract research organization). As such, we turn clinical operations upside down and help you run smarter and more simplified clinical trials. From study design to study completion, we’ve got your back - regardless if you would like to work on the trial as well or outsource it completely to us. 

We make conducting clinical trials for biotech effortless

Transparent study start-up & trial execution

Starting a study with Citruslabs is easy and fast. We want to design exactly the study you are looking for and provide you with a seamless study start-up experience. We design your study, write the clinical protocol and other study material, and make sure you will receive IRB approval for your study, all within a pre-set timeframe. Meanwhile, you can monitor and track how your clinical trial becomes a reality. 

Efficient participant recruitment 

Clinical trial patient recruitment is our bread and butter! With millions of potential study candidates in our database, enrolling the right study participants is efficient and inexpensive with Citruslabs. We also prioritize participant experience, ensuring study retention and compliance. For us, recruitment starts with study design and ends with trial completion. 

Frictionless data capturing & analysis

Our optimized data capturing is reliable and offers brands a unique dataset to show the efficacy and safety of their dietary supplements. We create reports that consumers understand and brands can use our reports to create their unique health claims for their website and packaging that drive business growth. 

How we can help your clinical trial come to life

Citruslabs is your digital CRO partner 

We know that conducting a clinical trial can be daunting - this is why we help you with every step of it: 

Study design

Study materiel development

Data collection/analysis

Clinical Protocol creation

Patient Recruitment/Retention

Laboratory services

IRB process & Site selection

Protocol Adherence/Compliance

Clinical report & claim examples

Hear from companies we worked with

Semaine uses Citruslabs to substantiate their product claims

The Challenge

Semaine’s primary goal was to be taken more seriously by the medical community. Secondary, the brand was also looking into increased website conversions and wholesale listings of their products. They were looking for a clinical trial partner to help them with substantiating product claims for their website and packaging, all while being on a budget. Apart from validated questionnaires, the studies also included a set of blood markers, as well as before and after pictures. 

The Solution

Semaine chose Citruslabs for its simplified and budget-friendly approach to clinical trials. Just 6 months after project kick-off, Semaine was able to publish product claims for their PMS pain relief product. The study helped Semaine to be taken more seriously by the medical community and drove business growth through increased website and ad conversions. Additionally, the study helped Semaine to have an easier conversation with wholesalers, and helped the brand to get listed at Target and Anthropology. Semaine also conducted a second study with Citruslabs, for their Daily Supplement, in which Citruslabs also provided before and after photos. 

Products used

Study design

IRB process

Patient recruitment

Patient adherence 

Data collection

Data analysis

Product claims


FAQ about biotech trials

What are the different types of studies for dietary supplements?

There are many different study designs available for dietary supplement clinical trials. Typically, brands start with pilot studies, which are single group (one study arm) and don’t involve a placebo or a control group. Larger brands that already did in-house research also opt for a randomized-controlled trial (RCT) as their pilot study. Studies like these involve at least two study groups (one intervention group and one control or placebo group). The gold standard is a double-blinded randomized-controlled clinical trial, which involves three or more arms (intervention, placebo, and control arm) and neither the study participant, nor the study team knows which participant received the placebo and who received the actual supplement. Another possibility is a crossover study, which belongs to the RCT family, but only includes one study group that serve as their own control group. A crossover study gives you the advantages of an RCT, while staying on a budget. Lastly, consumer perception studies are also an option to consider for supplement brands. These students are less scientific than clinical trials, but still a good way to create robust product claims.  

Do vitamins go through clinical trials?

Generally, vitamins can be found on the FDA GRAS list, which lists substances and chemicals that are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). Chemicals and substances on this list are considered safe by experts under the conditions of their intended use and typically underwent clinical studies that were looking at primarily safety. Vitamins or multivitamins sold as dietary supplements can typically be found on that list. However, dietary supplements don’t have to go through clinical trials before reaching shelves and being sold to consumers. However, some brands choose to go the extra mile and pursue clinical trials when launching new products. Brands use these studies to create science-backed product claims that drive trust as well as business growth.

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