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A Citruslabs Podcast

From Lab to Label: The Scientification of Consumer Brands

Welcome to "From Lab to Label: The Scientification of Consumer Brands", a podcast exploring the intersection of science and consumer brands in the health & wellness industry.

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Clinical trials are shaping the wellness industry

Why are wellness brands seeking clinical trials?

More and more consumer brands are turning to clinical trials to back up their product claims. Some are seeking regulatory compliance while others are vying for consumer trust in a booming market.


Citruslabs is helping these brands by testing their products in clinical trials and has conducted trials with hundreds of skincare, cosmetic, and supplement brands to substantiate product claims.

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Brands are telling their stories

We're going behind the scenes with brand owners

In each episode, our host Susanne Mitschke (CEO and Co-Founder of Citruslabs) sits down with brand owners to discuss their clinical trial journey. From discovering their why (some might surprise you) to how they plan to use their research to enhance their brand and more.

Through candid conversations, you'll hear firsthand, behind-the-scenes accounts of the challenges and opportunities that arise when engaging your product in a clinical trial. Our guests share their experiences in navigating the road to clinical validation and highlight how seeking product claims drove business success.

Whether you're a seasoned industry professional, just starting out, or you’re a curious consumer interested in the wellness space, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical tips. Harness the power of clinical trial data to boost your brand, learn more about how clinical testing works, and discover if the products you’re buying have substantiated their claims. 

Tune in twice a month to join us on the journey of the scientification of consumer brands.

Connect with us

So you heard us on the podcast and now you're curious about testing your product in a clinical trial? We're happy to help!

Most brands come to us with questions about the process, the cost, the claims they can make, and more. We start by answering your questions so you know what to expect.

Whether you're ready to talk to a team member or you're just looking for more information, let's connect!


FAQ about our podcast

I have a question that I'd like you to answer on the podcast. How do I do this?

We always welcome listener questions! If you'd like to have your question answered on an upcoming episode, please email us at

Can I join as a guest on your podcast?

We're committed to featuring a diverse range of voices and ideas and love featuring guests who bring unique insights to our discussions. While we carefully consider all guest requests, we have limited availability and prioritize topics and expertise that align with our podcast's themes. However, we encourage you to provide some information about yourself and your area of expertise so we can assess the potential fit.

If your expertise aligns with our podcast's focus, we may extend an invitation to you as a guest. We believe in creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our audience, and your inclusion could contribute to that goal. Reach out to us at with a pitch. 

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